About the Foundation

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based organization.  The main goal of the Foundation is to raise funds for the System to support innovative programming and services, as well as the expansion of our award-winning collections.  Without our generous donors, the System could not meet the expectations of library patrons.

About the Foundation Director

Bruce Thomson -- #1 favorite_8A Cheyenne native, Bruce Thomson graduated from the University of Wyoming in Communications, and has advanced degrees from Purdue University and Boston College. Prior to returning to Cheyenne from Denver, Bruce created and directed an award-winning community relations program for Apache Corporation, one of the nation’s largest independent energy companies.

About the Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation Board consists of 5 to 21 members, and meets once a month.  If you are interested in serving the library in this capacity, please contact the Foundation.  Vacancies are filled every June during the board’s annual meeting.

Steve Lovas

Annie Hatch
Vice President

Jenifer E. Scoggin

Dallas Lain

Don Day, Jr. & Annie Hatch (co-chairs)
Resource and Development

Addie L. Ceballos

Kathryn Lex

Kristin Lee
Past President

Paul Kapp

Dallas Lain

Brandi Monger

Brianne Phillips

Steven Leafgreen

Stephanie Prescott

Wendy Volk

Rachelle Zimmerman

Janie Wilcox

LCLS Board Chair

Khale J. Lenhart (Ex Officio)

LCLS County Librarian

Carey D. Hartmann (Ex Officio)

Foundation Director

Bruce Thomson