Blog Post: Season of Change

Are you experiencing any changes in your life?  I just saw a friend this morning when getting coffee that I hadn’t seen in years.  She’d just started a new job after being out of the workforce for a year.  We jokingly talked about change and having to get to a job on time and take direction from a supervisor.  Big changes.Read More

Blog Post: Hot Roddin’ Summer – Chilton Auto Repair Database

CaptureAhhhhh, summertime!  Makes me think of lemonade, ice cream, warm evenings and beautifully restored hot rods.  Whether you keep up with the Wyoming Mighty MOPARS or are just taking advantage of good weather to tinker in your driveway, don’t forget that you have technical help at your fingertips.Read More

Blog Post: Happy Ever After….or Not? Book Endings and Reader Satisfaction

CaptureHow important is it to you that a book end happily? If it’s very important, there’s a good chance you enjoy romance novels. A happy-ever-after ending is pretty much a requirement in that genre.  In contrast, readers who prefer other genres may actually dislike endings that are too tidy and optimistic.  Real life isn’t like that, they say, so books that have a completely positive ending don’t seem compelling or real to them and fail to engage their interest. They prefer a grittier, less perfect ending. One that better mirrors how things usually turn out in real life.Read More

Blog Post: Tech Help @ LCLS

SharonYou’ve had a computer for years and know how to use the old clunky one, but now you’ve purchased a new laptop and can’t figure out how to turn it on!

You took tons of pictures on your vacation with your new smart phone and want to share them with friends, but can’t figure out how.Read More

New Exhibits: The Game of Life: Inspiration and the Artist Book

Introduction from exhibit curator, Katie Christensen:

It was a joy to curate the Laramie County Library System’s Inspiration and the Artist Book exhibition and see it grow in its second year. Each year, the theme is connected to the Library’s Summer Reading Celebration theme. For 2016, the exhibit’s title, The Game of Life, compliments Exercise Your Mind: READ!Read More

Press Release: Deputy Director Position Filled @ LCLS


Laramie County Library System is pleased to announce Jeff Collins has accepted the position of Deputy Director of Public Service. He will start work on Monday, July 11, 2016.

The Deputy Director of Public Service is responsible for the four public service divisions in the library:

  1. Reference/Collection Services
  2. Computer Center/Cataloging Services
  3. Youth/Outreach Services
  4. Circulation/Branch Services.

Most recently, Collins has been the director of two libraries in Arizona, and has worked for the Connecticut State Library.

Additional information will be available later this summer.

Blog Post: From Here to There: Shelvers + Sort Machine

CareyBlog700,000 items – that is a lot of stuff to move in and out in a year. For those in the library, these items are what you take off library shelves and carry home (movies, video games, books, memory kits, book club kits, and more!). After you’ve gotten the story, the entertainment, or the prize of discovering something new, you bring the items back so they can become someone else’s discovery.Read More

Blog Post: The Mystery of Why a Book is Shelved in Mystery Volume 3


So you’ve found an author or read a book you really like and want more of the same. What to do?  Ask at the Ask Here Desk. We have training and experience in reader’s advisory. As you might imagine, reader’s advisory is the skill (or is it an art?) of recommending books. One way we attempt to come up with books you might like is by learning out what authors you currently enjoy and suggesting books by authors who write in the same genre.Read More

Blog Post: Memory Kits at LCLS

The changing of the seasons makes me nostalgic. I think of times gone by, holidays, birthdays, and many more occasions. Memories form the people we are today. What if you didn’t have any memories or struggled to remember your past? This can be a real challenge for some, especially as we age.Read More