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About Our Summer Reading Cohort

Well, I was born in 1830, the youngest son of Branan and Una Book.  I was just a wee tyke growing up in Cromarty, Scotland.  All me bairnheid (that means childhood) all I wanted to do was fly kites. Kites, kites, kites, all the day long. Me mum would be a-callin’; “Merriweather! Get in here for yer tea!” And I would just keep on a-flying me kite.  A-course there were no airplanes to be fllyin’ back then when I grew to be a man, so I set me sights on becomin’ a sea-cap’n.

I was still wet behind the ears when I ran away to join The Kingdom of England’s Royal Navy at the tender age of 16. But all the while I was on those ships, me heart was not with the sea. It was in the vast blue sky.

Me luck changed when a Frenchman called Henri Giffard built a steam-powered airship in 1852. I gave me notice to the cap’n the day we pulled into Marseille (France) and went lookin’ for Giffard. I became the cap’n of the first full-sized airship, 143 elegant feet long with a massive 3-horsepower steam engine to power a mean three-bladed propeller. The first flight was Sept. 24, 1852 from Paris to Elancourt, and t’was the most beautiful day of me long life.

Since that day I’ve been flyin’ every kind of contraption that can get off the ground, and if I could live, eat, and breathe the wild azure sky I’d be the happiest man on (or above) this good earth.

This year’s theme is “Build a Better World,” and we’re happy to introduce you to our cohort in reading, Cap’n Merriweather Book!
(Check back on Friday, May 26 to sign up online.)

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