Visiting Cheyenne (or passing through)? Come visit us!

You might think that the library is only for residents of Laramie County, but the fact of the matter is, we have many services to offer visitors to the area! Read through this list for the services you can take advantage of while visiting Cheyenne for Frontier Days or if you find yourself just passing through this summer.

  1. Free Wi-Fi & printing – we have Wi-Fi available throughout the building, you can sit at one of our tables or chairs throughout the building and surf away! You can print or use a copier for .10 per page.
  2. Computer Center – so you left your computer at home you say? No problem! For just $1.00 you can use our Computer Center for the entire day. We also have the 15 minute computer for those quick needs available behind the greeter desk as you walk in the library, you do not need a library card to use this computer. Wyoming Residents, if you have your library card with you from your home library, you do not have to pay the $1.00 fee.
  3. The Library Café – if you find yourself in search of a cold beverage (or hot coffee) stop in for a drink and grab a scone or brownie while you’re at it!
  4. The Seed Library – you do not have to be a library card holder to partake in this service. Read more about our seed library here:
  5. Books & other items! – You are welcome to read any of the books in the library without checking them out, just put them onto a red shelf when you’re done. Wyoming Residents if you have your library card with you (we cannot look up the number for you) you can use your library card (in good standing) from any Wyoming library and return the items to any Wyoming library!
  6. 2nd Floor – the entire 2nd floor is a great place to let the kids interact with our learning opportunities while having a blast and maybe even completing a scavenger hunt for a prize!
  7. Genealogy & Special Collectionswe have the library version of and other resources available if you’ve been stuck while doing your family genealogy, the special collections room is typically staffed by volunteers who can assist you with using the computers and resources.
  8. The Capital Room this room is our “no talking” room that is meant to be very quiet & peaceful, and with the great views of the Capitol building you can watch some of the construction hustle & bustle.
  9. Exhibits we are fortunate enough to have so many wonderful exhibits on display throughout the year, you can read more about them here: and see which one is currently on display during your trip.
  10. Events & Programs we have programs almost everyday, check out our online calendar to see if there is one taking place while you’re in town:

We hope you will consider visiting our library on your travels this summer! Happy Trails!