Wireless Printing

While in the Library, you can print to our Computer Center printers from your personal device (Android, iDevices & Windows). In order to print wirelessly, please connect to our network, then continue by reading the instructions associated with your device.

Step 1: Choose device instructions below.*



Step 2: Download App Files.

(Please read above instructions in Step 1 prior to installation).

Android Devices:
Click the button below to download the Android app.

iPhones, iPads, & iPods:
Click the button below to download the Apple app.

Microsoft Windows:
Click the button below to install the .exe file.

Click the button below to install the Mac Print Control application.



Any print job you submit to the “Wireless Printer” can be retrieved at the Print Release Station in the Computer Center, 3rd floor. Black & White prints are .10 cents per page, color prints are $1.00 per page.