Believe the imPAWsible! with Laramie County Library’s Summer Reading Challenge

Registration for Laramie County Library System’s annual Summer Reading Challenge begins Friday, May 21 and this year the library is challenging everyone to Believe the imPAWsible! by logging 1,200 minutes of reading in Beanstack before August 16. We know that our readers are going to do a doggone great job at meeting this new challenge, and the library can help everyone earn their completion prize pack by providing impossibly wonderful books, audiobooks, graphic novels, and more. After all, libraries are the best places to believe impossible things.

There are a countless number of impossible things in the library. A library is where animals speak, a big red dog grows as large as a house, a cat rocks out with his four groovy buttons, curious monkeys explore the world and cause mischief, lions are kings of magical lands, and owls deliver messages to and fro. While some of these things may seem improbable, the moment we dive into the pages of our favorite tales, we have no doubt that any of them could be true.

With books and information about incredible creatures such as komodo dragons, narwhals, maned wolves, and okapi, the library helps prove that some seemingly impossible things really do exist in our large and diverse world. A library brings all of these incredible creatures to life before your eyes, proving that impossible things exist all around us.

The library also sheds light on impossible feats of brilliance that can be accomplished by anyone and anything. With information on amazing animals like Secretariat, HAM the space chimpanzee, Balto, and Cher Ami the homing pigeon, the library helps expand our understanding of what the creatures in our world can do and the ways in which they can impact us. These amazing stories prove that nothing is impossible, from monkeys flying spaceships to birds saving entire battalions of soldiers.

No place is easier to suspend disbelief, accept the improbable, and Believe the imPAWsible than your local library, so join us this summer as we explore, learn, read, and believe with the annual Summer Reading Challenge.


2021 Summer Reading Challenge Information

Participants are challenged to log 1,200 minutes of reading in Beanstack by August 16 to earn their completion prize pack, which includes a free book for children and teens thanks to a generous donation from RE/MAX Capitol Properties and a library pint glass for adults.

Participants who reach their goal before August 16 are encouraged to continue their summer reading by participating in Read for a Cause. For every additional 100 minutes read and logged in Beanstack, Frontier Veterinary Clinic will make a donation to Cheyenne Animal Shelter in honor of our pet-themed challenge.

  • First day to register: Friday, May 21
  • First day to pick up prizes: Thursday, July 1
  • Last day to pick up prizes: Monday, August 16

Register for the challenge, learn more about Beanstack, and find instructions on registering and logging here: or visit or call your local library in Cheyenne, Burns, Pine Bluffs, or the Bookmobile