Explore A Universe of Stories at the Laramie County Library System

The Laramie County Library System is launching its 2019 Summer Reading Celebration on Friday, May 24th. This year’s theme is A Universe of Stories, which is fitting, since exploring a library is much like exploring a universe.

In space, there is an opportunity for discovery beyond each planet, each supernova, and each star. In a library, there is an opportunity for discovery beyond each page, each chapter, and each story. When you begin a book, there is no telling what you may discover, what character may surprise you, or what plot twist may shock you. The twists and turns in a riveting story are more thrilling than a trip through an asteroid field, and every book you pick up has the capability of transporting you to a different world faster than the speed of light.

In fact, it is even easier to travel around the universe via book than via rocket ship; you can explore planets, stars, and galaxies all without leaving your local library. You can land on the moon without the heavy astronaut gear or visit the sun without worrying about the heat! When you choose a summer reading goal of either 25 books, 25 hours, or 25 days, you are setting yourself up for a summer of adventure. Nothing is stopping you from learning about aliens, discovering how a rocket ship blasts off, or finding out the difference between planets and dwarf planets.

The adventures you can have in a summer of reading are boundless, and while you may not get lost in a black hole sitting in the library, you could certainly get lost in a book hole! Black holes are great amounts of matter packed into very small areas, which isn’t very different from the books in a library; authors squeeze entire worlds into the pages of their books, all of which can fit in your backpack or bag! We have over 300,000 items in our collection, and each book or audiobook will take you closer to your goal and farther from reality.

We here at the library are proud to house an entire universe of stories on our shelves, and we are even prouder of the fact that you don’t have to be an astronaut, alien, or space traveler to access them. Anyone can participate in our Summer Reading Celebration; you do not need a library card, and people of all ages are welcome to join in the fun.

The Laramie County Library System invites you to come explore a Universe of Stories with us this summer. Get lost in a good book, push boundaries by reading new and exciting titles, and learn more about our world and the people in it with each turn of a page. After all, that’s what a library is all about, isn’t it? Providing open access to an entire universe of possibilities.

2019 Summer Reading Celebration Information

  • First day to sign up: Friday, May 24th
  • First day to pick up prizes: Friday, June 7th
  • Last Day to pick up prizes: Sunday, August 18th

Sign up here: https://laramiecountylibrarysummerreading.org/, or visit your library in Cheyenne, Burns, Pine Bluffs, or the Bookmobile. Reading Cards can be picked up at any library location.

Choose a goal of 25 books, 25 days, or 25 hours. Participants will receive a prize for every 5 books, hours, or days they complete toward their goal.

Once you have completed your goal, consider participating in Read for a Cause. For every 25 books, hours, or days you read, Cheyenne Rotary After Hours will make a donation to Raising Readers in Wyoming.