Winners of the One World Prairie Guitar Contest

Wow! Thanks so much to all the contestants of the One World Prairie Guitar Contest. Thank you as well to our fine judges and the Cheyenne Guitar Society, especially Steve Gilmore for all your hard work. We really enjoyed this. Here’s a look at (most) of our winners! Congratulations everyone!

First place in acoustic: Michael DeLalla

Second place in acoustic: Chris Hoover

Third place in acoustic: Charles Stevens

First Place in classical: Gwyneth Aggeler

Second Place in classical: Paul Michael Ritchie

Third place in classical: Sirapob Jantah

First place in electric: Jared Reed

Second place electric: Jason Weller

Unfortunately we did not catch our 3rd place winner for electric to get their photo. So if that’s you, please come in! Third place electric: William Bailey

Again, congratulations to our winners and thank you so much to everyone who helped or participated! We hope to repeat this next year!