Blog Post: LCLS hosts 1,300+ 1st Graders for Wyoming Reads

More than 1,300 first graders descended upon the Laramie County Library System on May 17th 2016 to listen to tales of lore, humor, silliness and fun. The students were arranged by class throughout all floors of the library—and each group had a volunteer storyteller that hand-chose stories for their groups. Children were encouraged to participate, yelling out answers to questions (like “Who is going to make this flour into bread?” from The Little Red Hen).Read More

Blog Post: LCLS mends books?

6A common question in libraries is, “If a book is in need of repair what should I do with it?” Please do not tape it back together.   Just let a staff member know it needs attention.  Most likely, you would not be charged for the damages but this is not guaranteed.

Books needing mending are marked for staff to inspect. We look to see how bad the damages are. Then we decide if it would be better to just replace the book or spend time mending it. Many books could have nine lives if mending is done early enough. Some books do go to the book graveyard.Read More

Blog Post: #PLA2016: A Conference of Librarians

2016-04-PLA2016-3It probably won’t surprise you to know that there are professional conferences for librarians out there. There’s a conference for everything, right ( The PLA, Public Library Association, conference was in April 2016, and a litter of librarians descended upon downtown Denver (to paint a better picture, imagine thousands of well-read people wearing sensible shoes and carrying advance copies of books) in a bevy of excitement.Read More

Blog Post: From the Circulation Desk – Finding What to Read Next

You’ve found an author or read a book you really like and want more of the same. What to do?  Ask at the Ask Here Desk. We have training and experience in reader’s advisory. As you might imagine, reader’s advisory is the skill (or is it an art?) of recommending books. One way we attempt to come up with books you might like is by learning out what authors you currently enjoy and suggesting books by authors who write in the same genre.Read More

Blog Post: Young Volunteers and Boy Scouts Make Our Library A Better Place To Be

You might be surprised by the number of volunteers who help our library.  There are many tasks associated with keeping a library this size clean, orderly and functioning well.  Normally our volunteers are 12 years old and up (and up and up and up!).

IMG_1985Recently, I came to work at 9 a.m. and found 6 little boys working with Larry, one of our facilities guys. They were Tiger Scouts, all 7 years old, and were at the library to volunteer along with their Cub Scout leaders.Read More

Blog Post: Ten Reasons to Use Laramie County Library’s Computer Center

CCLocated on the third floor of the Laramie County Library, our computer center is—well—awesome. Our staff members are always on hand to monitor usage and assist with minor concerns. Because we’re often front and center, we see a variety of different things happening on the computers that often makes our space tucked away on the upper floor seem like a community hub.Read More

Blog Post: Makerspaces and workshops

Walking through the library is often a visual treat. In display cases, on many walls, and available surfaces, you might find an intriguing piece made of clay, handcrafted paper, turned wood, or a quilt with a complicated pattern. Perhaps you’ve wondered how something was made and what techniques were used and have thought you’d like to learn how to do that.Read More