Public Policy 45-Day Notice

The Laramie County Library System Board of Directors intends to adopt and amend policies relating to the public’s use of library facilities, materials and equipment. In accordance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act (WAPA) [Wyo. Stat. Ann. §16-3-101], the proposed changes/additions are listed below and are also available at the Ask Here desk on the first floor at 2200 Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001. Interested parties may send comments to Jeff Collins (Deputy Director, Public Service) at the address listed above, by email at or present views at a public hearing on Tuesday, May 25, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. via Zoom.

Public Policy Change

Eggstravaganza and Spring Break Activities

Spring Break has sprung at Laramie County Library and we are celebrating from March 29 to April 3, with lots of activities, crafts, and events for families and children of all ages to enjoy! Check out the full list of Spring Break offerings here and RSVP for our virtual events. Some virtual events are accompanied by activity kits, so be sure to pick yours up at the 2nd floor Ask Here desk or via curbside pick up.

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Laramie County Library System to Begin Providing Access to Libby/OverDrive Apps in the Coming Months

Ebook readers, audiobook listeners, and digital magazine users rejoice! Libby/Overdrive is coming to your library with two easy-to-use apps! In the coming months, Laramie County Library System will provide its library cardholders with access to the Libby by OverDrive app, which is easily accessible with Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10 devices, and the OverDrive app, which provides extended usage for Kindles and computers, laptops and Chromebooks.

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Spring Spectacular

Spring is here! We’re welcoming this spectacular season at the library on Saturday, March 20 with crafts and activities for you to take home. Stop by the Ask Here desk on the 2nd floor of the library to pick up your spring kits or request one using our curbside pick-up service. This activity is great for students in grades K–6.

Supplies are limited, but don’t worry! If we run out, use the instructions, material lists, and tutorials to replicate all of the activities at home!

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Plant-A-Palooza Take and Make

Stop by the Pine Bluffs Branch Library the week of March 16th to pick up an activity pack with everything you’ll need to kick off spring with a green thumb! Watch the video below to learn some gardening tips and tricks, and instructions on how to decorate your pots and make garden stakes for your indoor shamrocks!

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Coming to the Screen

The rise of streaming services has meant a huge demand for creative content, making it a challenge to keep up with all the books being adapted for the screen. At the same time, the pandemic has disrupted production of several movies and series, giving everyone more time to read the books behind them. Check out this list of recent and upcoming book-to-screen adaptations, and be sure to check some out them out from your Laramie County Library System.
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Larry Kiser’s Retirement from Laramie County Library System

On February 5, Larry Kiser retired as a maintenance assistant at Laramie County Library System after over 24 years of dedicated service. Larry began working at the library in November of 1996 and was a key factor in the maintenance and upkeep of the library’s facilities. Larry was instrumental in the care of the Central Avenue location where he began his library career and contributed immensely during the labor-intensive move to the library’s new building on Pioneer Avenue.

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