Genealogy & Family History

We have more than 20,000 books and microforms covering the United States and other countries, military records, passenger and immigration lists, family histories, genealogy journals, and more.

Essential guides such as the American Genealogical and Biographical Index and the Boston Transcript are included.  Our relationship with the local LDS Family History Center allows access to resources from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  and Sanborn Maps are available for research online, as well as a list of genealogical websites such as and Cyndi’s List.

Classes from beginning research to specialized topics are offered in February, June, and October. Please contact Elaine Hayes to schedule a tour of genealogy or Special Collections. To request an obituary, click here.

Upcoming Events

Genealogy Basics using Ancestry Library
Saturday, October 6
Have you ever wanted to research your family history? This basic class will give you all the information you need to get started. Our discussion will include books and other resources available at LCLS, the basics of genealogy record keeping and how to search using Ancestry Library which is the free library version of & Teens; Sunflower room)

Genealogy: Beyond Ancestry Library
Saturday, October 13
4 – 5:30pm
This class will take you beyond the very basics of genealogy research and into some forgotten resources that can tell you about your ancestors. We will discuss how to research your ancestors in free resources on the Internet. We will cover; and more. (Adults & Teens; Sunflower Room)

Genealogy: The Way They Worked
Saturday, October 20
4 – 5:30pm
Would you like to find out more about your ancestors’ occupations and work life? This class will give you some background information and resources that will help in your search. (Adults & Teens; Willow Room)


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We gladly accept nonfiction genealogy, Wyoming or Western history books in readable condition. In most cases we do not accept artifacts, original documents, CDs, audiovisuals, periodicals, or general interest rare books. If you would like to donate an item to Special Collections, please contact Special Collections Librarian Elaine Hayes at 307.773.7232 for instructions.

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Wyoming State Archives
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Genealogy Resources

In the Genealogy Collection, patrons can access more than 10,000 genealogy books and periodicals in print and on microform. Patrons will also have access to genealogy databases such as Ancestry Library.  Equipment in the room includes a photocopier/printer, free wireless access, six computers for Internet genealogy research, an ST-200X reader/printer/scanner for microfilm or microfiche (it is also attached to a flatbed scanner for books and documents), a Minolta 6000 reader/printer/scanner for microfilm or microfiche, four microfilm readers, and two microfiche readers. Patrons are welcome to use any of the technology in this room for no charge.