Tweens (grades 3 – 6)


So what is a tween, exactly? Well, you’re an in-betweener! You’ve outgrown the Early Learning Center (ELC), and aren’t quite ready to graduate to the Teen area. We’ve got enough happening at the Library to ensure you’re taken care of. If you’re in Grades 3-6, then this is for you!

Tween Interactive Space

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, LCLS has a unique space for 3rd through 6th graders on the second floor. The space, located under the bright orange WOW and YAY signs just west of the floor chess board, combines over-sized bean bag chairs, a Joke-of-the-Week wall, drawing space, and a board that promotes STEM concepts such as force, motion and other engineering concepts through movable magnetic tubes. The most recent addition to this space are the LED light boards, designed to teach simple programming skills using Arduino and Raspberry Pi technology.

Tween Events

We have a number of recurring events each month to keep you busy! From LEGO® robot workshops to Pokemon card games and more–you’ll want to check out our events calendar, or stop in and grab a calendar to keep up on the fun things to do.