Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2016

During FY16, your library was successful in improving several key areas that create a great library experience.  Thanks to a partnership with the Laramie County Information Technology department, our bandwidth doubled, creating faster connections for our computers and wireless access. We kicked off the year with Navy Week and Navy Leap Frogs parachuting onto the west lawn.  Exhibits were diverse, from Wyoming Grasslands to A View From Space. We held our 1st National Issues Forum to discuss immigration and how it impacts us locally. We ended the year with an adult coloring book event and a visit from the Denver Zoo.  On behalf of the Laramie County Commissioners, Laramie County Library Board of Directors and your library’s employees, thank you for your support and input in FY16.

– Carey D. Hartmann, County Librarian


2,015 Post-Its® used to create pixel art
7,427 People signed up for Summer Reading
4,815 Nerf darts shot at after-hours programs
24,505 People attended storytime
2,058 Scavenger hunts completed
61 One-on-one L2B consultations
$27k+ Earned by the Book Sale Room
17 Exhibits hosted
18 Artists featured in the annual book arts exhibit
87 People attended coloring book night
18,207 Baked goods sold
1,280 Free loyalty card drinks redeemed
Club Panini Most popular sandwich
95 Catering orders fulfilled

Board of Directors: Khale J. Lenhart, Chair; Kevin Guille, Vice-Chair; Beth Howard, Secretary; Rachel Martinez, Treasurer; Julie Daniels; Ron Kailey, County Commissioner – ex officio

Administration & Management: Carey D. Hartmann, Executive Director (County Librarian); Laura Block, Deputy Director of Operations; (Vacant), Deputy Director of Public Services; Kashawna White, Manager of Circulation & Branch Services; Blithe McAndrew, Cafe Services Supervisor; Cara Nett, Computer Center & Cataloging Services Manager; Reese Ruiz, Manager, Community & Media Relations; Bruce Thomson, Foundation Director; Sue Hollingshead, Information Technology Manager; Elizabeth Thorson, Reference & Collection Services Manager; Beth Cook,Youth & Outreach Services Manager