Computer Center & Wifi

The Laramie County Library Computer Center offers 50 computers to connect patrons with digital information worldwide. Patrons are asked to review the library’s Internet Policy & Code of Conduct prior to using the Computer Center.

Wifi Availability

Wifi is available throughout the Laramie County Library and in the branches. Connect to Library Public Wifi on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. When the blue screen appears, read the text and click Access. If you have trouble connecting, read our Connection Guide.

Wireless Printing

While in the Library, you can print to our Computer Center printers from your personal device (Android, iDevices & Windows). In order to print wirelessly, please connect to our network, then continue by reading the instructions found here:

To Use the Computer Center
  • Patrons must present their library card and PIN, or purchase a day pass for $1 in the Computer Center. Debit/credit cards and cash are accepted.
Services & Features Offered
  • Fully staffed center: Staff available to help with logging in or to help purchase day passes. Limited staff assistance is available; however, patrons are encouraged to check out our calendar of events for One-on-One Computer Classes. Self-guided tutorials on a variety of computer topics are available next to the third floor Ask Here desk.
  • Printing: Black and white printing is $.10 per side. Color printing is $1 per side. Patrons are encouraged to bring a USB drive to save documents.
  • Faxing: The fee for faxing local, long-distance, and toll-free has been temporarily suspended. Receiving any fax is 10 cents per page. Patrons may have faxes sent to 307.773.7209
  • Scanning: Patrons can scan documents to their email address.
  • Typewriters: We have two electronic typewriters available for patron use. Patrons may purchase paper for ten cents per page or bring their own.
  • Specialized Computers: 2 computers with Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Creative Cloud and SketchUp. Computers available on a first come, first serve basis. Library card or day pass required to use computer. Click Here for more information.

The following items can be purchased in the Computer Center:
Flash drive $5.25
CD-R $1.00
Manila file folder $0.25
9×12 envelope $0.25
Business envelope $0.25