Early Literacy Center (Birth – 5 Years)

100 Books for Every Child

This booklist includes 100 titles for young children, helping them develop their early literacy skills. The titles are suggested by Laramie County Library librarians and can be found on the second floor. Download the list and color in the butterflies to keep track of the books as you read!

Early Literacy Class Schedule

Each week, we will offer three chances to participate in an Early Literacy Class! A virtual live class on Tuesday at 10:00am, a virtual live class on Thursday at 10:00am, and a pre-recorded session posted on Monday at 10:00am that you can watch at your convenience any time throughout the week. All virtual live classes require advanced RSVP through our events calendar: https://lclsonline.org/calendar/  

Elsie & Eddie

Elsie and Eddie are the early literacy mascots of the library! These Wyoming mountain lions rule the reading kingdom and are here to help children, parents, and caregivers learn and have fun with literacy. Look for them on the second floor at our Learning Spots! Learning Spots provide children and their grown-ups with an explanation of various activities that they can do together. Each Learning Spot can be identified by a picture of Elsie and Eddie, and are found in the ELC and various areas throughout the second floor.

Learning Spots & Take-Home Flyers

The Public Library Association emphasizes the 5 early literacy practices (Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play) as keys to developing language and reading skills.  The ELC and My Library Place incorporate these activities in an interactive and fun environment.  Have fun and learn at the same time! Click on a paw print to download a take-home flyer.

My Library Place

Looking for a kid-powered Whiligig? Larger than life Bookmobile? A mini imagination-run book return? On the second floor of the Laramie County Library, youth have their choice of large interactives designed to capture imaginations and teach basic literacy skills.

The spaces you’ll see are designed specifically for libraries by the Burgeon Group, a company that creates the interactive learning spaces. There are no small parts, lots of bright and bold colors, and tons of movable pieces to keep toddlers engaged. Stop by the second floor Ask Here desk for additional information about how this space can encourage and educate.

Each piece is created for parents and caregivers to interact with their beginning reader and encourage reading.