Donate to the Library Foundation

The Laramie County Library Foundation is grateful for the generous and consistent support received from hundreds of donors each year.  If you would like to support our fantastic library via a gift to the Library Foundation, please give us a call.  We are always happy to discuss combining your interests with the needs of the library.  Please contact the library foundation here:

Blithe McAndrew
Interim Foundation Director

Ways to Give:
Individual, Corporate and Foundation Giving

Individuals, corporations, local businesses, and foundations have had a huge impact on library facilities and programs.  Gifts to the foundation from the community helped build the new Laramie County Library building and create new free programs for the public.

Memorials and Honors

Donating to the Laramie County Library is a special way to memorialize or honor relatives and friends. With your tax-deductible contribution ($25 minimum) the library will purchase a book or entertainment media. You may wish to specify an area of interest from which the library will try to select the material. Acknowledgement of your gift is sent to the person being honored; memorial gifts are acknowledged to the family of the deceased. A printed plate, bearing your name and the name of the person for whom it was purchased, is placed in the gift.

Book Donations

The Laramie County Library Book Sale Room accepts donations of books, DVDs, and other materials throughout the year. Please visit the Book Sale Room page for more information about what items you can donate or how to drop off your donations to the library. You may also contact Community & Media Relations at or 307.773.7224 with any questions about book donations.

Named Gifts

We welcome the opportunity to name, in your honor and as a perpetual expression of thanks, a diverse variety of gifts such as brick pavers, sculptures, meeting rooms, display cases and benches. Please contact the Foundation for a complete list of named possibilities.

Planned Giving

Including the Laramie County Library Foundation in your estate plan is a great way to combine your estate planning with your financial and philanthropic objectives. Planned gifting vehicles are typically through your will or living trust, your pension or IRA, a life insurance policy, gifts of real estate or other appreciated assets, or an endowment or charitable trust. We are available to assist donors in integrating charitable gifts into their financial, tax and estate-planning objectives, maximizing benefits to both donors and the Laramie County Library Foundation. Of course, advice from legal and tax counsel should be sought when considering a charitable gift of any type.


The Laramie County Library Foundation Endowment is a long-term investment fund. Each year income from the endowment will be used to benefit the library. The principal will never be used. This guarantees the perpetuity of the fund. As the fund grows, so will the library foundation’s ability to serve future generations.