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Just as the Laramie County Library System’s collection of books covers myriad topics, exhibits at the Library cover a variety of interests and subjects, all encouraging lifelong learning and adventure.

Exhibits have ranged from historical clothing and handcrafted fishing equipment, to geological wonders and art that makes you scratch your head in wonder, to satellite parts and a tricked-out low-rider bike, to interactive computer stations and children’s art. You never know what you might discover at a library exhibit!

Current Exhibit

Back to the Source: Black History Exhibit
January 9–February 16
Library Hours
In celebration of Black History Month in February and Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in January, a collection of artifacts will be on exhibit in the library’s 1st floor display cases. Collection presented courtesy of James Peebles, Sankofa African Heritage Awareness, Inc. To see more artifacts, visit SankofaAfricaWorld.org and click on “museum.”
(All Ages; 1st Floor)

Boys & Girls Club Art & Photography Exhibit
January 14–February 13
Library Hours
Visit the library’s 2nd floor and enjoy art and photography by the members of the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne.
(All Ages; 2nd Floor)

Empire: A Community of African Americans on the Wyoming Plains
January 15–February 16
Library Hours
In celebration of Black History Month in February and Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in January, learn about the history of Empire, Wyoming. Also known as Exodusters, the community of African American migrants from the Post-Civil War South settled in Goshen County near Torrington and made an incredible impact on our state’s history. Exhibit is on loan from the Wyoming State Museum.
(All Ages; 1st Floor)

Upcoming Exhibit

Science Fair Exhibition
February 4–February 19
Pine Bluffs Library Hours
This month from February 4–19, the Pine Bluffs Library will host an exhibition of science fair projects created by local home-schooled children. Come view their displays of science knowledge and creativity. Who knows? There may be a new invention in the making!
(All Ages; Pine Bluffs Branch Library)

Black History: Inventions
February 1–February 16
Library Hours

LCSD #1 Elementary School Art Show
February 21–March 17
Library Hours
Enjoy art created by elementary school students in Laramie County School District #1 throughout the library!
(All Ages; All Floors)

Archived / Past Exhibits & Special Events

Artfest (Sponsored by RSVP)
November 15–December 22

Artists Who Teach
November 1–10

The Nature Conservancy: Annual Student Photo Contest Exhibit
September 6-25

Stringed Instruments
September 1 -September 30

Discover NASA
July 1-August 15

A Universe of Stories Bookmark Contest Exhibit
June 1- September 3

Constellation: Inspiration and the Artist Book
June 7-August 7

Art & Text: Artists as Storytellers
April 12-May 14, 2019

Elementary Art Exhibit
February 21 -April 7, 2019

STEAMing Across Wyoming: Children’s Museum of Cheyenne Traveling Exhibit
February -April 14

Native Voices


The Way We Worked

Ensemble: Inspiration and the Artist Book

Preview, and order the exhibit catalog from Blurb.com at

Exuberant Joy: Abstract Paintings by Theresa Lugo
May 1 – May 29

December 2017 – March 27, 2018
Discover Space


Artfest by RSVP

September 21 – November 5

Peace Corps Reflections 

Homestead Collection: Poetry & Photography
May, 2017

Thinking Money:
April 1 – 30, 2017

6th Grade Art Show
February 25 – April 16, 2017

June – August 2017

Cowboy Carnegies

Utopia/Dystopia: Inspiration and the Artist Book  
Preview, and order the exhibit catalog from Blurb.com at http://www.blurb.com/b/8122684-utopia-dystopia

December 2016-February 2017


RSVP ArtFest Show & Sale
November 15 – Sunday, December 18 2016

Give/Take Exhibit Explores Human Emotion
October 5 – November 8, 2016

First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare
September 7 – September 30, 2016

Cheyenne Heritage Quilters: Under the Sea
August 18 – August 28, 2016

The Game of Life: Inspiration and the Artist Book
June 9 – August 7, 2016

3rd & 4th Grade Bookmark Contest
June 1 – August 31, 2016

Latino Americans: 500 Years of History
April 25 – June 5, 2016

6th Grade Art Show
February 20 – April 10, 2016

Wyoming Grasslands
January 5 – January 31, 2016

Invasive Paper IV
January 5 – February 14, 2016


A View From Space presented by EchoStar
December 1, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Earth From Space
December 1, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Satellites in Orbit: A View From EchoStar
December 1, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Christmas Art by the Children of Cheyenne
December 1 – December 14, 2015

Needle, Thread & Fabric
December 1, 2015 – January 3, 2016

RSVP Artfest: Show & Sale
December 1 – December 17, 2015