Assistive Technology at LCLS

Did you know that Laramie County Library has assistive technology for those who need help moving, reading, hearing, writing, or learning? For those with movement disorders we have several walkers, wheelchairs, and motorized wheelchairs that patrons can borrow while in the library. Additionally we have technology for the visually impaired including a Kurzweil machine, Jordy glasses, Desktop Zoom software on all public computers, and the Voyager TeleSensory lighted magnifier. I’ll tell you more about all these devices later in this post. First I’d like to highlight our new Assistive Technology Toolkit that can be checked out for use in the library.

This Assistive Technology Toolkit was provided to all Wyoming public and academic libraries by Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources (WATR) at, University of Wyoming and Wyoming State Library. In this kit you’ll find:

  • WATR bookmark magnifiers – A tool that makes objects larger for reading.
  • WATR jar opener grips– Textured, rubber grips that assist in opening jar lids.
  • Pencil grips-An aid that gently positions fingers in the proper ergonomic position for writing.
  • Color overlay book marks-Bookmarks that reduce glare when placed on top of reading material.
  • Raised lined paper-Writing paper with slightly raised bumps at each line; which gives feedback to a writer to stay between ruled lines.
  • Masking aids-Tools that isolate words and help readers to focus on segments of material.
  • Large print stickers for keyboards-Large, individual letters applied to a standard keyboard, so keys are easier to see.
  • Picture communication book-A paper-based system where an individual points to words, letters, or pictures to communicate.
  • WATR brochures-Including a list of assistive technology mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems.

The Assistive Technology Toolkit can be checked out for the use and demonstration of the sample materials in the library at the third floor Ask Here desk.

The Kurzweil 3000 software is located on a computer in the Special Collections department on the third floor of the library. It will scan text from printed material and read it back to you. This would be helpful to those with low vision and/or poor reading skills.

The Voyager CCD TeleSensory device is also located in the Special Collections department and it is a lighted magnifier. It will enlarge printed material and project it on a screen, making it possible for those with low vision to read small print. In addition to this machine, hand held magnifying glasses are available at all library service desks and all public computers have Desktop Zoom software that can enlarge the print on a computer.

The Jordy EVS All in One Vision System is an aid to vision that is not limited to a computer or printed material. These glasses could be used to help the wearer see a movie or live lecture.

Come to the third floor Ask Here desk to have us demonstrate any of these assistive devices.

Elaine Jones Hayes – Assistant Manager Reference Services