Blog Post: Gravitate to the Library – Change for Charity

2One important aspect of an employee’s job at Laramie County Library System is being a  “Greeter.” The Greeter Desk is positioned at the entrance to the library near the gates. Chances are, when you’ve entered the library previously, you’ve seen someone standing there. Each employee serves in this role; it is our pleasure to interact with our patrons and be of assistance when needed.

If you have been to the library within the last year, you may have noticed the large gravity well that sits just behind the Greeter Desk. This has quickly become one of my favorite things to watch while serving as greeter.

3The patrons who are most often intrigued by this exhibit are children, which is perfect because it belongs to the future Children’s Museum of Cheyenne.

It serves dual purpose; it demonstrates the concept of centripetal force, as well as provides funds that are split evenly between the LCLS Foundation and the Museum.

The look of sheer joy on the children’s faces while the coins go around and around until they fall into the well is priceless (see images), but the funds that have been gathered so far are quite valuable. To date the proceeds collected from the gravity well are:

Collection Dates           Full Amount     LCLS’s Share

10/6/2015                     $317.56               $158.78

10/7/2015                     $57.36                 $28.68

5/18/2016                     $248.10              $124.05

2/12/2018                     $351.95              $175.95

Totals                            $623.02              $311.51

If1 you haven’t been able to check the Gravity Well out yet, grab some change and come learn while supporting some great local causes! The more coins you put in at once, the cooler the effect (plus, the coin drop has two sides. Dueling coins, anyone?).

While you’re here, if you want to learn more about gravity, here is what we have on hand about the subject:

~Anna M.