Blog Post: Memory Kits at LCLS

The changing of the seasons makes me nostalgic. I think of times gone by, holidays, birthdays, and many more occasions. Memories form the people we are today. What if you didn’t have any memories or struggled to remember your past? This can be a real challenge for some, especially as we age.

An item we have at the library available for check out are Memory Kits. These are multi-sensory kits that aid in triggering memories. They are set up for an older generation but can be used by anyone.

Suggested uses would be for senior activities in a group setting, perhaps in a meeting or a retirement group activity, Alzheimer’s groups to help promote or trigger memories, organizational groups, daycare settings, family reunions, church groups, the list of possibilities is endless.

Oral history is a term used to describe the telling and recording of stories through the generations. It is important for our world history as well as our family history to know the stories of our past, but knowing where to begin with a story can sometimes be a challenge. Plan a family night together with multi-generations and perhaps use one of these memory kits to spark a discussion.
Don’t forget to record the stories so they can be written down or kept somewhere to pass on when family members are gone.

The memory kits are located on the first floor of the library. The bright yellow bags can be easily spotted and are located near the Ask Here desk.

Here is a list of the kits that we own:

  1. Remembering African Americans
  2. Remembering Automobiles
  3. Remembering Birthdays
  4. Remembering Home
  5. Remembering Music
  6. Remembering Pets
  7. Remembering Spring
  8. Remembering Summertime
  9. Remembering The Fashion
  10. Remembering The Fifties
  11. Remembering The Home Front
  12. Remembering Work Life

Anyone with a library card can check these out, free of charge. They check out like a book (use any of our self-checks), but when you bring them back, just head to the Cards and Accounts desk on the first floor. Our staff will check it in for you (since it doesn’t fit through the check-in!) and ensure all items are intact.

Want to see a new memory kit made? Fill out a comment form and let us know!

~ Susan Parkins, Senior Outreach Specialist