Blog Post: What a Colorful World, Storytime Room Art

kidAs the Digital Marketing Specialist for the Library, one might assume I possess a great deal of artistic ability. Unfortunately, one would also be mistaken!

While I am able to work with digital files with some technical prowess, when it comes to drawing or things of such nature, I am sadly wanting. For this reason I have great appreciation for those who are able to create art from pencils, crayons and the like. Being a fairly new employee to the library, I have been blown away by the quality of exhibits and art on display throughout the year. The RSVP Art Show (Retired Senior and Volunteer Program) was on display when I began working here late last year, and the work was beautiful! Now, seeing the 6th Grade Art Show (produced by 6th graders at many elementary schools in town), I have thoroughly enjoyed the art created by the budding artists of Cheyenne.

We exhibit a number of talented artists on our walls, but the surprise was mine when I stumbled across the coloring table located in the storytime room on the 2nd floor. The table is covered with butcher paper, and crayons are available for use. During open play hours, any children can happily color away. But once in a while a parent will sit down and color, too. There have been some beautiful works of art left on the table over the years, and this one is just the most recent that we noticed.

Check out this work of art that was created with a few crayons! The artist left a name, Dominique, but whether this is the artist or the model is a mystery.


Whoever you are, thank you for leaving such a masterpiece for us, and know it didn’t go unnoticed!

~Anna M.