Blog Post: Which weed-wacker should I purchase?

Best-Electric-Weed-Wacker-ReviewsI’m not really a shop-a-holic as much as I am a deal-a-holic.  True story—I will wait to purchase exactly what I want at a price that I feel is great.  As such, I am ALWAYS doing research on items I want.  Sometimes it is as simple as a pair of shoes.  At the end of the day, I just have to know that I got the best bang for my buck.

My weed-wacker is okay, but I have been having issues with finding the right string cartridge (no, I do not want to string it myself.)  It is an older model (read—got it on sale because it was being discontinued – 3 star deal!) and I think that it may be time to upgrade to a less old model.  Where do I go once I know what kind of item I need to research?

My first stop is usually Consumer Reports.

The rating system is handy, but what I really want is to look at a nice, organized graph that lists all the gizmos and their bells and whistles to compare them.  This is really just the best way for me to “consumer-date” the weed-wackers until I find the right one.  With the right deal, of course.

imagesYou can “consumer-date” too by accessing Consumer Reports with your library card and an internet connection:

  • Go to our webpage and click Databases
  • Choose Ebscohost, then EBSCO-Magazine & Journal Article Database
  • Choose MasterFILE Premier
  • Type “Consumer Reports” in the search box.
  • Click on the “Consumer Reports” link.
  • Shazam! You will be looking at a page with every issue from 1985 to present.

I’m checking out the May 2014 article String Trimmers.  How will you find your next great deal?

P.S.: All the money I will be saving on a weed-wacker will go towards obedience training for my dogs.  But that’s another story.

~Rachael S.