Improv for Teens

Cottonwood Room 2200 Pioneer Ave - 1st Floor, Cheyenne

Come laugh and learn at Improv for Teens! Create scenes through improvisational games, work cooperatively with others, and build real life skills. Experience new ways to think on your feet and unlock your creative potential in a supportive collaborative environment! (Teens; Cottonwood Room)

Book Discussion Group

Windflower Room 2200 Pioneer Ave - 3rd Floor, Cheyenne

For October, we will be reading C.J. Box’s standalone novel Blue Heaven, a psychological thriller set in the rugged landscape of northern Idaho. Two children stumble upon an execution in the woods and are relentlessly pursued by four former L.A.P.D officers who’ve not only been assigned to track down the missing runaways, but are also the perpetrators of the murder. ...