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Poetry Month Poem Contest

Burns and Pine Bluffs Branch Libraries WY

April 1–27 Library Hours Calling all poets! Participate in our poem contest to celebrate National Poetry Month. Enter by submitting a copy of your original poem with your name, age, and phone number to, or by dropping it off at the Burns or Pine Bluffs Branch Library by Thursday, April 27. Categories are grouped by age: grades K–2, ...

April Fools’ STEM: Stroop Effect

Pine Bluffs Branch 110 East 2nd St, Pine Bluffs

The famous Stroop Effect is named after J. Ridley Stroop who discovered this strange phenomenon in the 1930s. Challenge yourself to this tricky activity: name the colors of the given words, but DO NOT read the words, rather, say the color that the word is written in. It’s not as easy as you think! (Grades 3–8; Pine Bluffs Branch Library)