From Garage Sale to Retail

Here at your local library we try to offer the best experience you can get in whatever you come here to experience. Programming, collections, café coffee or computer center, we strive to make every patron experience positive.

That said, we try to keep our computers reasonably up to date while still getting as much use out of them as we can so we buy a handful of new computers each year and take the oldest out of service.  Historically we’ve stored the old equipment until we had enough to make it worth our while to hold a “Garage sale”.  Sometimes it’s taken a few years to get enough equipment stashed up.


Have you seen our new Book Sale room?  It’s recently been re-designed and redone by our amazing staff and volunteers.  After many hours clearing, cleaning, painting, carpeting, assembling and stocking the room has been transformed.  It’s been such a welcome change by patrons that books are selling almost as fast as they get put on the shelves.  Check out this good lookin’ space!

Garage sale meets book sale and computers go retail! 

Now that we have this great space to display books and such someone had a nifty idea; why not offer old technology hardware through the book sale room?  So, here it is!  Look in the photo below on the bottom shelf.

There it is, a row of used Dell computers packaged and ready for sale.  Each machine has had the hard drive scrubbed and has been reloaded with the licensed Windows operating system the computer came with.  The systems selling now are windows Vista.  Systems are priced as is, bundled with a power supply and a spec. sheet so the buyer knows what they’re paying for. Here are the specs pulled off one for your reference:

Dell Optiplex 760
Intel Core 2 Duo – 2.93 GHz
80GB Hard Drive
Intel Q43 Express Chipset w/ICH10D
Intel 82566DM Gigabit Ethernet LAN 10/100/1000
220W External Power Supply
Intel integrated graphics

Systems are sold “AS IS” with no warranty or expectation.  As they sell, more systems will be brought down to replace them unless we run out of computers to sell.

Who knows?  If this takes off maybe there will be other used technology equipment offered for sale.

Whether you’re looking for a new used computer or not, please come check out our “new” book sale room.  Every item is a value and looking’s still free.

Thanks for checking out the Laramie County Library.

~Court S.