It’s A Tear-Jerker: Movies That Explore Water

Because we already listed good reads that are water related (nonfiction and fiction for adults and kids), we had to share with you some of the films we have on hand that explore the concept of water—and complement our newest exhibition, Water/Ways. Thanks in large part to Wyoming Humanities and The Smithsonian Institute, this exhibit features all things WATER (as if you couldn’t get that from the title. I know.).

All of these are available at LCLS, click the titles to open the catalog where you can place them on hold.  All are only $2 to check out for 4 days (cheaper than Redbox!). Stop in and grab one, then take a peek at the exhibit!


  1. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Adventure, Drama, Family.  Not Rated. 127 minutes.
  2. The Abyss. 1989. Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction. Rated: PG. 145 minutes.
  3. The African Queen. 1951. Adventure, Romance, War. Rated: PG. 105 minutes.
  4. Apocalypse Now. 1979. Drama, War. Rated: R. 153 minutes.
  5. Aquamarine. 2006. Comedy, Family, Fantasy. Rated: PG. 104 minutes.
  6. The Blue Planet. Documentary, 2002. Unrated. 50 minutes each episode.
  7. The Cat in the Hat. 1971. Animation, Family. Rated: G. 30 minutes.
  8. Chasing Mavericks. 2012. Biography, Drama, Sport. Rated: PG. 161 minutes.
  9. Chinatown. Drama, Mystery. 1974. Rated: R. 130 minutes.
  10. Deep Sea. 2006. Documentary, Short. Rated: G. 41 minutes.
  11. Disneynature: Oceans. 2010. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Rated: G. 84 minutes.
  12. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. 1964. Comedy, War. Rated: PG. 95 minutes.
  13. Dune. Action, Adventure, Science Fiction. Rated: PG. 137 minutes.
  14. Evan Almighty. 2007. Family, Comedy, Fantasy. Rated: PG. 96 minutes.
  15. Finding Nemo. Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family. 2003. Rated: G. 100 minutes.
  16. Grapes of Wrath. 1940. Drama. Not Rated. 129 minutes.
  17. Hunt for Red October. 1990. Action, Adventure, Thriller. Rated: PG. 135 minutes.
  18. In the Heart of the Sea. 2015. Action, Adventure, Drama. Rated: PG-13. 121 minutes.
  19. Life of Pi. 2012. Adventure, Family, Fantasy. Rated: PG. 127 minutes.
  20. The Little Mermaid. Animation, Family, Fantasy. Rated: G. 83 minutes.
  21. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. 2003. Action, Adventure, Drama. Rated: PG. 138 minutes.
  22. Moby Dick. 1956. Adventure, Drams. Not rated. 116 minutes.
  23. Mutiny on the Bounty. 1935. Adventure, Drama, History. Not rated. 132 minutes.
  24. The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. PBS TV Mini-series. Documentary, History. Not Rated. 120 minutes.
  25. On Golden Pond. 1981. Rated: PG. 109 minutes.
  26. Planet Earth 5-DVD Collector’s Edition. 2006. Discovery Channel TV-Mini-series. Documentary. Rated: G. Each of the 11 episodes is 50 minutes.
  27. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. 2003. Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
  28. The Perfect Storm. 2000. Action/Drama. Rated PG-13. 130 minutes.
  29. A River Runs Through It. 1992. Drama, Family. Rated: PG. 123 minutes.
  30. Song of the Sea. 2014. Adventure, Family, Fantasy. PG. 93 minutes.
  31. Soul Surfer. 2011. Biography, Drama, Sport. Rated: PG. 106 minutes.
  32. Swiss Family Robinson. Adventure, Family, 1960. Not Rated. 126 minutes.
  33. Titanic. (1997) Drama, Romance. PG-13. 194 minutes.
  34. Where the Wild Things Are. 1973. Animation, Family. Rated: G. 7 minutes.
  35. Yellow Submarine. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Rated: G. 85 minutes.