Laramie County Library System to Begin Providing Access to Libby/OverDrive Apps in the Coming Months

Ebook readers, audiobook listeners, and digital magazine users rejoice! Libby/Overdrive is coming to your library with two easy-to-use apps! In the coming months, Laramie County Library System will provide its library cardholders with access to the Libby by OverDrive app, which is easily accessible with Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10 devices, and the OverDrive app, which provides extended usage for Kindles and computers, laptops and Chromebooks.

The Libby/OverDrive apps are free and provide easy access to ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines on smartphones and other devices. In fact, in the Libby app, users can transfer books to an ereader, including NOOK and Kobo, listen to audiobooks on their Google Home, Amazon Echo or Sonos speakers, and even listen in the car using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay! These apps allow users to easily browse the library’s collection and seamlessly checkout digital materials with their library cards. This change will also allow library users to manage their digital materials in one place and use the apps’ intuitive ebook readers and audio players.

The Libby/OverDrive apps will replace cloudLibrary in the coming months. This transition will cause disruptions for cloudLibrary users in the coming weeks. Here is what to expect for current cloudLibrary users:

March 2021

  • March 15-31
    • Reduction in the number of checkouts & holds allowed
    • Content removed from WYLDcat (Enterprise and mobile app)
  • March 31
    • No new materials purchased for cloudLibrary after this date

April 2021

  • April 1-30
    • Further reductions in the number of checkouts & holds allowed
    • Laramie County Library will remove links to cloudLibrary from its website

May 2021

  • May 1
    • No new checkouts allowed in cloudLibrary, users can continue using materials that have already checked out
  • May 17
    • Access to cloudLibrary ceases

If you have any issues with cloudLibrary during this transitional phase, please contact the Wyoming State Library for assistance by emailing, keeping in mind that the service will no longer be supported after May 17, 2021.

Please note that once Libby/OverDrive is available, Wyoming State Library will no longer provide assistance with usage. All questions, concerns, and troubleshooting will go directly through Laramie County Library System.

Laramie County Library System looks forward to providing Libby/OverDrive and is confident that library users will make great use of the apps’ features. In the coming weeks, please refer to the library’s website and social media pages for more information about the service and for a timeline of when the apps will be available for use.

If you have questions about the transition from cloudLibrary to Libby/OverDrive, please contact Deputy Director of Public Service, Jeff Collins by email at or by phone at 307-773-7220.  You can also refer to some frequently asked questions below for more information on this change to service.


Can I keep all my holds and favorites from cloudLibrary?
Unfortunately, patron data cannot be transferred between platforms.  If there is any content that you wish to keep, such as your checkout history, you will need to record that information prior to the middle of May.

Will I still have access to all the ebooks and audiobooks that are in the cloudLibrary?
The majority of content will transfer from cloudLibrary to Overdrive, but some older titles or those purchased under outdated licensing models may not. The ability to transfer licenses between platforms is controlled by the individual publisher of the works. The library anticipates an increase in the number of titles available for patrons, but do not know specific numbers at this point. Patrons will have access to over 230 digital magazines.

How do I get help using Overdrive or the Libby app?
These apps are not yet available for Laramie County Library System cardholders. The apps will be available in the coming months at which time you can reach out to the library at 307-634-3561 for assistance or refer to our website for information and instructions. You will also find help on different topics at

Can I continue using the cloudLibrary?
All content will remain available through the middle of May; however, we will reduce the number of checkouts and holds allowed to lessen the impact on users during the transition.