6th Grade Art takes over the Laramie County Library!

Do you remember being a kid making wonderful things in art class from the vast array of colorful papers, crayons, paints, and assorted materials? I sure do – art was always my favorite class and I loved my art teachers!

From now through Sunday, April 10, visit the library and experience the colorful and wonderful creations by 6th grade artists from Laramie County School District #1. Our local art teachers have guided the students through engaging projects using colorful papers, crayons, paints, clay, silk and more, and the results are thoroughly delightful!

Five of the art teachers spent an entire day installing the exhibit. Art is displayed on all three floors of the building in glass cases, on walls, windows, shelf tops, and other nooks and crannies. Be sure to look up as you walk through the entrance gallery!

~ Jennifer Rife