Seed Library of Laramie County is Open for the 2022 Growing Season

The Seed Library of Laramie County is open and ready to grow! Check out up to 12 packets of seeds from the Seed Library, located at Laramie County Library, and take them home to begin planting your own garden. There are over 170 varieties of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, and every seed has been carefully chosen for its ability to thrive in Wyoming’s climate. The service and seeds are free to Laramie County residents and do not require a library card for use.

An exciting and unique new seed mix is available this year. Collected from the library’s Pollinator Habitat (a special project of the Laramie County Conservation District located in the southwest corner of the property), the seed mix contains varieties of liatris, prairie coneflower, and penstemon. The native species thrive in Cheyenne’s climate and, due to their shared growing conditions, can be planted together to add a beautiful pop of regional flora to any garden. Each household is limited to one packet of “Library Wildflower Mix for Pollinators.”

To check out seeds from the Seed Library, review the 2022 Seed Catalog and fill out an online form at, or visit the third floor Ask Here desk. Online orders can be picked up from the third floor Ask Here desk or by using the library’s curbside pick-up service. Order up to 1–2 packets of each seed variety for a maximum of 12 total packets of seeds. Orders not picked up within ten days of placement will be returned to the Seed Library for other people to select.

The Seed Library of Laramie County is a joint project between Laramie County Library System and Laramie County Master Gardeners that began in 2017. The Seed Library functions on a classic borrow-return system that encourages people to borrow seeds, grow them, and return any that are saved from the crop. To learn more about the Seed Library system along with its resources and educational materials, please visit

This year’s Seed Catalog includes everything from peppers and peas to sunflowers and snapdragons. The wide variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables offer something for everyone, regardless of gardening experience or skill. Seed varieties are limited, so begin your growing season today with the Seed Library of Laramie County!