Sue Hollingshead Retiring as IT Manager for Laramie County Library System

 Sue Hollingshead is retiring as Laramie County Library System’s Information Technology Division Manager after a 24 year long career with the library. Sue began working at the organization in 1996 as a Network Specialist, moving on to become a Network Administrator before being promoted as the library’s first IT Division Manager.

Sue holds an associate’s degree in Network Technology and a Microsoft Administrator Certification. She served on many of the library’s internal committees, as well as the Laramie County Community College Business and Computer Science Advisory Committee and the Wyoming Library Leadership Committee.

Sue played a crucial role in growing the library’s network from a single, small server into the intricate and advanced system that it is today. Her tireless work ensured that when Laramie County Library System opened its new building in 2007 it was equipped with cutting edge technology and resources. She was also instrumental in designing and upgrading the network for both the Burns and Pine Bluffs Branches, recently extending and improving both so that anyone can access the WiFi for free from outside the buildings. Sue developed the library’s technology plan, along with its Computer Center, expanding access from 12 computers to over 80, with technology for adults, teens, and children.

Sue has been an exceptional IT Manager who is always cognizant of changing trends and technology. Her approach to Information Technology has been recognized as one of the best in the community, and her expertise has helped grow the library’s technological resources and community access points. Sue leaves a lasting foundation at Laramie County Library System, and the organization wishes her the absolute best in her retirement.