Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Our 2021 Summer Reading Challenge ended on August 16. With thousands of participants, millions of minutes read, and lots of prizes passed out, this year’s challenge was an absolute success! Keep an eye out in the coming months for more activities and reading challenges in Beanstack.

Drawing Prize Winners
  • The library is in the process of individually notifying each winner.
  • Children and teens may pick up their prizes at the 2nd floor Ask Here desk.
  • Adults may pick up their prizes at the 3rd floor Ask Here desk.
  • Raffle prizes must be picked up by Wednesday, September 1.
  • If you have any questions, please call 307-634-3561.
Youth Drawing Prize Winners
Winner’s NamePrize
Paris A. Melissa & Doug wood play food bundle
Averee B. Melissa & Doug tool kit
Walker B. Duplo Wrecking Ball set
Reyly C. Star Wars Razor Crest
Griffin C. Spike Ball set
Savvy C. Board game pack
Rory D. Pat bells
Jovie D. Board game pack 2
Beka F. Keva planks
Evelyn F. Cornhole/ladder ball
Kim F. Crayola Inspirations set
Clare G. 3-pack craft kit
Evelyn G. Trampoline/ball pit
Tatum H. Cornhole/ladder ball
Olivia H. Hogwarts Astronomy Tower
Amelia H. Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace
Matthew K. Board game pack 2
Ashur L. iPad Mini
Madedeleine M. Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace
Anwyn N. 3-pack craft kit
Lily O. Board game pack
Knox P. Keva planks
Hannah R. Acer 2021 laptop
Samantha S. Crayola Inspirations
Ruger S. Galaxy Slime Kit
Wes S. Star Wars Razor Crest
Liam S. Hogwarts Astronomy Tower
Tess T. Galaxy Slime Kit
Reed V. Playmobil 123
Nathan Y. Spike Ball Set
Teen Drawing Prize Winners
Winner’s NamePrize
Isabella A. 3 month Spotify gift card
Kaylee A. Portable bluetooth speaker
Tera B. Color changing nail polish
Lainey B. 2020 Apple iPad
Indiana F. Acer 2021 laptop
Avery G. Metallic nail polishes
Brady K. Portable bluetooth speaker
Kason K. Constellation blanket
Rylie L. 3 month Spotify gift card
Sylvie L. Lego chess set
Leylani L. Bracelet kit
Abigail M. Burrito Blanket
Ashley O. Bracelet kit
Adaline R. Color changing nail polish
Katy R. Metallic nail polishes
Eve T. Bath bomb kit
Gentry V. Burrito blanket
Cristina W. Cassette player
Adult Drawing Prize Winners
Winner’s Name Prize
Bo A. Shop Wyoming online gift card
Mike B. WY resident annual park permit
Jamie B. WY resident annual park permit
Amanda B. Binoculars with phone adapter
Kimberly C. $25 gift card to local businesses
Adrienne C. The YETI Roadie® Cooler (navy)
Tara J. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook
Wayne M. $25 gift card to local businesses
Michelle N. Shop Wyoming online gift card
Emily N. $25 gift card to local businesses
Katherine N. Shop Wyoming online gift card
Debora O. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook
Jill P. $25 gift card to local businesses
Ginny R. Fire HD 8 tablet
Nathan S. 2021 Acer Chromebook
April S. Jigsaw puzzle workspace
Melissa S. $25 gift card to local businesses
Tia Y. Ninja blender
Youth Treasure Chest Prize Winners
Winner’s Name Prize
Emma A.Treasure Chest
Benjamin A. Treasure Chest
Clara B. Treasure Chest
James B. Treasure Chest
Ellie Mae B. Treasure Chest
Karly B. Treasure Chest
Hattie B. Treasure Chest
Lucas B. Treasure Chest
Madysen C. Treasure Chest
Cicilia C. Treasure Chest
Caleb C. Treasure Chest
Caroline C. Treasure Chest
Grayson C. Treasure Chest
Nora D. Treasure Chest
Oliver D. Treasure Chest
Gabriella D. Treasure Chest
Romin D. Treasure Chest
Autumn E.Treasure Chest
Genevieve G.Treasure Chest
Alexander G. Treasure Chest
Theodore G. Treasure Chest
Silas H. Treasure Chest
Jesse H. Treasure Chest
Xavier K.Treasure Chest
Zoey K.Treasure Chest
Jorie K. Treasure Chest
Lucas L. Treasure Chest
Levi L.Treasure Chest
Rosalynn M.Treasure Chest
Evan M.Treasure Chest
Mariah M. Treasure Chest
TJ M. Treasure Chest
Aspen M. Treasure Chest
Mira N. Treasure Chest
Ender P. Treasure Chest
Miles P. Treasure Chest
Gabriella R. Treasure Chest
Leah R. Treasure Chest
Sydnie R.Treasure Chest
Margaret R. Treasure Chest
Aryanah S. Treasure Chest
Roxy S. Treasure Chest
Audrey S. Treasure Chest
Sampson V. Treasure Chest
Rogen W. Treasure Chest
Cadence W. Treasure Chest
Kaia Y. Treasure Chest
Kamlyn Y. Treasure Chest
Gavin Y.Treasure Chest
Cooper Z. Treasure Chest