To Print or not to Print is no longer the question!

For some months now, we’ve been testing wireless printing here at the Laramie County Library, and we’re finally able to offer it for public use.

The name of our wireless print solution is SmartALEC and it has been successfully tested with several versions of Android, iPhones, iPads, Windows laptops and tablets and most recently, Mac books.

We don’t really know where the name SmartALEC came from, but in the interest of not leading someone astray, I’ll not be smart-alecky in my writing.

What does SmartALEC do?  It allows anyone connected to our wireless network to send print jobs to a printer in the Computer Center from anywhere in the building.  Then, when it’s convenient for the user they can go to the Computer Center on 3rd floor and release their print jobs.  Pretty slick no?

Printing costs are the same as regular print jobs. 10 cents per page for black/white and $1.00 per page for color. Patrons can print using their library card.  If they don’t have a library card they can use a guest account from their smartphone.  They’ll have to get a guest pass if using a windows laptop or Mac.

The steps to printing are pretty easy and are listed on the Library website along with links to get the software for your particular device. The link for the wireless printing page is here:

Basically, get connected to our wireless network, install the SmartALEC app, launch the app. Enter your credentials or sign in as guest, then open the app you want to print from, such as email or photos, and send the print job.  When you’re done sending jobs you go to the Computer Center on the 3rd floor and release the jobs to the printer.  It eliminates the need to email documents to yourself and get on one of our computers.  Pretty slick eh?

SmartALEC is available now and works with most portable devices.  Come on in and check it out.  It’s a great addition to the computers, copies, printing and faxing we offer.

Thanks for stopping by for a quick read.

~Court S.