Welcoming New Board Member Keyosha Atwater to the Library

Laramie County Library System recently welcomed Keyosha Atwater to its Board of Directors. Keyosha’s first term on the Board will last from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024. Board members for Laramie County Library System are appointed by the County Commissioners who are required by Wyoming State statutes to provide library services to their constituents. Individuals who are interested in serving on the Laramie County Library Board must fill out an application and turn it into the Commissioner’s office at least two months in advance to an open position. Every time we welcome a new member to our Board of Directors, we like to offer the community an opportunity to get to know a little bit about them and their goals for Laramie County Library System. Keyosha shared a little bit about herself and her future contributions to Laramie County Library System.

Keyosha Atwater recently returned to Laramie County after departing in 2013. She works as a reading consultant and utilizes the evidence-based Science of Reading components to assist in reading comprehension. Keyosha is currently pursuing her doctorate in Learning, Design, and Technology with the University of Wyoming. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, a Master of Science degree in General Administration, and has a diverse and detailed work history. Her experience in strategic planning, leadership, and analysis makes her a welcome addition to the library’s board. 

Keyosha describes Laramie County Library System as an, “absolute gem,” and applauds the library’s ability to provide innovative programs that create positive relationships both with libraries and with learning. She stated that she is, “energized about enhancing the community’s quality of life by providing resources and services for life-long learners and fostering the love of reading.”

Keyosha’s experience with education, reading consultation, and community involvement makes her an absolute asset to the library board, and Laramie County community at large. She brings with her an in-depth understanding on the importance of literacy, education, and innovation that will help the board look at different tactics for expanding library services. Keyosha is personally committed to hands-on learning experiences, and as a board member she will look at policies and strategies that encourage and engage learners throughout the community.

Laramie County Library System is thrilled to welcome Keyosha to the board and looks forward to all of her expertise and insight as it continues to pursue its mission to “be a hub for engagement, literacy and learning, and lifelong curiosity and discovery.”