Winners of the 2019 One World Prairie Guitar Contest

Thanks so much to all our judges, the guitar society and everyone who came out and competed in the One World Prairie Guitar Contest. Thank you, too, to those of you who came and supported these great musicians. A special thank you to Steve Gilmore who brought in all his own sound equipment and ran sound from 10am to 9pm. Everyone involved made the day a great success. We will be holding the third annual contest next year, so watch for information starting around June!

Acoustic Winners

First place in acoustic: David Michael Boyd

Second place in acoustic: Charles Stevens (right)

Third place in acoustic: Paul Richie (left)

Fourth place in acoustic: Mike Clark

Classical Winners

First Place in classical: Seth Dikeman

Second Place in classical: Paul Ritchie (left)

Third place in classical: David Michael Boyd

Fourth place in classical: Ryan Valentine

Electric Winners

First place in electric: Paul Ritchie (left)

Second place electric: Mark Madrid
(no picture)

Third place electric: Charles Stevens (right)

Fourth place electric: Jared Reed

Miscellaneous Stringed Instrument Winners

First place miscellaneous: Kaira Tunnicliff (left)

Second place miscellaneous: Kendra Tunnicliff (right)

Third place miscellaneous: Riley Ann Schultz

Fourth place miscellaneous: Joseph Evans