YOUR Library is “One Size Fits All”

Library workers, just like library patrons, come in all sizes. Sometimes there’s a bit of a mismatch between a task and the worker, but we make it work.






For example, our regular bookmobile drivers are dwarfed by the massive vehicle they maneuver around town. 


Sometimes we have to bend down to help a patron.

Or stretch very tall to get a book off the shelf.

But we are very fortunate that most of our public desks are adjustable. So we can move them up and down. Depending the size of our patrons.

Or whether our task works better sitting or standing.

Even the public desks where we never sit can be adjusted to the exact comfort level of the worker. (Press play to see this in action!)


Or their shoes.

But the library doesn’t just try to accommodate employees of different sizes, we also try to accommodate patrons. The self-check stations and the card catalog stations are all adjustable, so you can look up a book while standing; or sitting.

The adjustable self-checks make it easy for a child to check out.

Or for someone using a cart or wheelchair.

Of course footstools scattered around the library make it easy for patrons to reach the materials or systems they need.

As you can see, YOUR library really is “one size fits all”.