Beth Cook Named Deputy Director of Public Service

Laramie County Library System is pleased to announce it has welcomed Beth Cook as its new Deputy Director of Public Service. In her role, Beth will oversee the Circulation & Branch Services, Cataloging Services, Youth & Outreach Services, and Adult Services divisions while ensuring that the library’s standards for customer service and innovation are being consistently met. She will help lead the library in its collection development, strategic planning, public programs and events, community outreach, and technological innovation. Her role is part of the library’s Administrative team and is responsible for helping Laramie County Library System operate on a daily basis while also envisioning and planning for its future growth.

Beth began working for Laramie County Library System in 1997 when she was hired to shelve books at the Central Avenue library.  Over the next seven years, Beth worked in a variety of roles for the library, spending time everywhere from the Computer Center to the public relations unit. In the winter of 2005, she began work as a Youth & Outreach Services desk assistant before becoming the division’s Assistant Manager in the fall of 2006 where she focused on library services and events for teens. In 2007, she received a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree from the University of Washington, and in March of 2011 she was named the Youth & Outreach Services Manager, a position she held until being named Deputy Director on November 1, 2022.

During her career, she has worked closely with Laramie County School District #1, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne. She is an active charter member of Cheyenne Rotary After Hours and has served on statewide committees for library services.

Beth has worked for Laramie County Library System in some capacity for over twenty-five years. She has played a pivotal role in providing incredible youth and outreach services to the Laramie County community and was a key factor in the awards and accolades the Youth & Outreach Services Division received over the past eleven years. Her insight into the organization and her previous success in helping it grow and succeed helped propel her into the new role as Deputy Director of Public Service.

When asked about her favorite part of working for Laramie County Library System, Beth responded, “My favorite part working for the library for so many years has been making a connection with people, both patrons and coworkers. It is really rewarding to share the excitement of books and discovery with people and is an incredible and unique way of relating with other people.”

As she moves into a brand new role, she is looking forward to fully understanding and considering the library’s other public service divisions and their impact on the library as a whole. “Each area of public service supports different aspects of people’s lives,” she says. “I am excited to learn more about how to maintain and enhance all of these services to meet the needs of all of our library users.”

Beth hopes to help the library continue to provide services that are valuable and important to Laramie County, stating, “Whether it is the materials we collect, the events we implement, the hours we operate, or even the locations we serve as Laramie County continues to grow, I am focused on ensuring the library is meeting the needs of all of our community’s residents and that we are inclusive and equitable in providing services to those who need them.”

Laramie County Library System is thrilled to welcome Beth to her new position as Deputy Director of Public Service and looks forward to witnessing the impact she will make on both the library and the community. Beth has been and will continue to be a key factor in ensuring the library meets its mission to, “be a hub for engagement, literacy and learning, and lifelong curiosity and discovery.”