Blog Post:What Mess? A behind-the-scenes look at Youth and Outreach Services at the Library

“A messy desk is the sign of creative mind.” So the saying goes.

If this is true, then the state of the Youth and Outreach storage area was totally justifiable—or at least we liked to think it was.

I like to think I have one of the best jobs on the planet: I get to play with puppets, sing songs, make crafts, and read really silly books to make kids laugh all while teaching them about noses and toeses! What could be better?

Mynda_During1Did I mention I work with a group of other people who love doing the same thing and are always finding new ways to do it? When you get all 13 of us coordinating and planning Storytimes, family programs, LEGOs®, technology and early learning, things can get a bit… messy.

I’ll admit that when my mom came for a tour of where I worked, she was less than impressed with our storage area. Even though I am a full grown adult with children of my own, I felt like I should have been grounded.

So, on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, while all the kids were enjoying their day away from class and responsibility, we—the creative minds on the 2nd floor—decided to clean up our room. Eight years of Pumpkin Fairs, New Years at Noon, and Family Fun Nights were meticulously sorted and sifted through!

Mynda_After*Deep breath* The good, the bad, and the ugly all dealt with, and put in its proper place.

And so, facing 2016 head on and a little more organized, we’re venturing forward with Monster Stomps, LEGO® Mindstorms®, LEGO® Builds, After-Hours adventures, Summer Reading Celebrations, and anything else these genius co-workers of mine can think up!

~ Mynda Camphouse