Blog Post: Mini-Books at the Writing desk

Abby_Blog_FebHey, kids—already finished the 2nd floor scavenger hunt? Tired of just reading books all the time? Looking to flex your creative muscles?

We’ve got a new spot on the 2nd floor that’s just perfect for young writers! Tucked into a corner of the 2nd floor near the Sage Room and tween hangout spot is a wooden writing desk, designed to get your creative juices flowing. The desk was donated to us through the Graham Parfitt Writing Project, in memory of a young man whose creative outlet was writing.

This month (February) at the writing desk, our theme is “mini-books.” This is your opportunity to write and illustrate a book about whatever you want!
When you’re finished with your book, show us at the 2nd floor Ask Here desk. We always like to be the first ones to read new books when they come out.
If you’re interested, start brainstorming ideas for your mini-book at home—then head in to the library to write and illustrate your masterpiece.

By Abby Rowswell