LCLS launches the First Steps: Early Literacy Begins at Home program

The Laramie County Library System is excited to launch the First Steps: Early Literacy Begins at Home program to increase opportunities for the most at-risk children in our community.

Our goal is to make early literacy a high priority throughout the County. 

So we can reach at-risk children who are not touched by Library or other early literacy programs, we’re partnering with other organizations that are already out in the community to reach kids in their homes. We’re also reaching kids and families at familiar places like grocery stores, doctors’ offices, playgrounds, and laundromats. And, we’re bringing more at-risk children in to the Library to benefit from our existing early childhood resources.

This is an investment in our community.

If children succeed in school, the entire Laramie County community benefits. Successful children are successful adults. Educated children ultimately create an educated workplace that attracts employers. Businesses thrive, families prosper and the fabric of our community is stronger and more prepared for the future.

We still have $200,000 left to raise in order to meet our goal.

We welcome the participation of all citizens in this campaign. The taxes the Library receives cover the bare bones, but do not allow for special programs and initiatives. That’s where philanthropy and the Laramie County Library Foundation steps in. Gifts of all sizes are welcome.

Anyone interested in making a gift can do so online, or gifts may also be mailed to Laramie County Library Foundation, 2200 Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001. Please designate your gift is for “First Steps”. Foundation Director Kristi Wallin would be happy to answer any questions about the campaign. He can be reached at 307.773.7221.

We need the help of everyone in the community. Please help us make early literacy a reality for our children.