Spend more time outdoors!

Take some knowledge from the library along with you. Laramie County Library has partnered with the Wyoming State parks and you can check out a backpack loaded with guides, tools and a pass for day-use entry into any Wyoming State Park or State Historic Site. The backpack is available to check out soon!  The gear is to inspire youth and families to get outdoors and experience Wyoming’s state parks, historic sites and trails.  Check out a backpack at the library, learn while you go and have some fun.

Included in the backpack, is a WYOUTSIDE Challenge form.  When you complete certain tasks while exploring the wilds of nature, mark them on your challenge form and snap a picture.  You can gather points by recording fun activities like fishing skills, identifying critters, parks facts and thrill seeking.  Completed forms are submitted for a Challenge Master Certification signed by Governor Matt Mead and the Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow.  Plus completed forms are entered into a drawing for cool outdoor gear and more day use passes.   For more information go to www.wyostateparks.gov

I was thinking about my recent hike up in Curt Gowdy and how it coincided with the activities in our WYOUTSIDE challenge form.  I threw together some lunch, water, dog leashes and my personal backpack containing my staples: bird ID guide and binoculars, pepper spray and water.  The dogs and I loaded up and we drove west

First, I needed to locate a new area to hike, so I read the map to figure out where I was headed which was worth 10 points for my Challenge form! The remaining points started adding up:

  • Hike –  10 pts
  • New trail – 10 pts
  • Hiking to a waterfall – 10 pts
  • Carrying a pack with everything you need – 10 pts
  • Identify flowers – 10 pts
  • Identify birds by their call – 15 pts
  • Scat and tracks from elk – 10 pts
  • Sit for 30 minutes and write down what you see and hear – 5 pts

I didn’t count finding a neat little birds nest seen on the left.

Wow, 90 points for just four hours of fun.  It was awesome discovering a new place to hike.  Just two more outings and I can enter my form!

Wyoming is rich in recreational opportunities and it is our hope that this program will inspire learning and adventure in the outdoors.

~Billie Jo H.