Halloween Central at Laramie County Library

sharonLooking for a costume for yourself or your little one?  Need to make 50 scary treats for a 5th grade class?  Just looking for a scary read or a scary movie?  Wait! I saw a monster around the corner – who was that?

Come down to the library and check out our books and DVDs – all about Halloween.  Find many of these books lurking on our book displays.Read More

How your library can help with your science fair project

science-fair-648905_640Who Cares What Scientists Are Doing?

I care about what scientists are doing. A number of other people do, too. I get just a little shiver down my spine when I hear it is Science Fair season. Weird, but true! I love science! I love to see all the interesting and useful new research that is going on in the science community. Our library has some amazing books and videos of just that subject. In looking for juicy topics I promise you will be rewarded for your effort. There will also be an event on November 10th you should check out: http://lclsonline.org/events/get-ready-for-the-science-fair-2/Read More

Death and the Bestselling Author

For most of us, dying means the end of our careers. But for authors, at least bestselling authors, death doesn’t necessarily mean the end of publishing books. Robert Ludlum (the Jason Bourne series) died in 2001, but since then twelve books have been released bearing his name. Mystery author Robert Parker (known for his Spenser series) died in 2010. Since then eleven books have been published under his name. Obviously, other authors are writing these books, using the characters, fictional world and style of the deceased author. Five different authors have written Ludlum books, while three authors have taken over Parker’s three different series.Read More

Our Library is World Class!

I’ll admit it; when my children were young, I didn’t take them to the local library, even though I spent many hours in the library as a child. I’m not sure why I didn’t take them. Part of it was probably that I loved reading books to them myself, and we subscribed to several book-of-the-month clubs. Now that I work at the library, I feel a little remorseful for not taking advantage when my children were young.

annaI recently made a stop in my hometown of Worland, WY. I decided to drop by the library that I have such fond memories of; I am pretty sure it shrunk! I walked through and then visited with the friendly library staff at the front desk.Read More

L2B Service – Not Just for Patrons

L2BDid you know that the Library 2 Business (L2B) service from the Laramie County Library System (LCLS) is ready and eager to help every public library in the state?  L2B connects Wyoming citizens with Wyoming resources in business, job seeking, nonprofit stewardship, and financial literacy.Read More

Unclouding the digital cloud


I keep hearing about storing my photos “in the cloud,” or a group working on a project which they store “in the cloud.” What about that movie I downloaded? Where is it? Are there strings of data hanging around? Are my photos dancing around in space? Or is everything just floating around in the nebula – like in Star Trek? Read More

Air Guitar Hero

You only belong to one of two camps:  those that play air guitar or those that don’t.  For those of us that do, did you know that there is an Air Guitar World Championships? Held last week in Oulu, Northern Finland, AGWC draws a respectable crowd of more than 5,000 fans cheering on their favorite international guitarist. American Matt “Airistotle” Burns was the best of 15 finalists and took home top honors this year.Read More

Zombie Fiction: Not Just For Brain-Eaters!

zombie-521243_640To get you in the mood for the Cheyenne ZombieFest, coming September 10th through 17th, this month’s fiction post is on zombie fiction.

Zombies have always been synonymous with horror. What could be creepier than a corpse coming to life and pursuing the living, threatening to turn them into similar mindless creatures or devouring their brains for sustenance? It’s a viscerally repelling, terrifying concept. Normal enemies can be vanquished. But how do you kill someone/something who is already dead?Read More

Blog Post: Abbr., Acronyms & Terms

DSCF1797Ever wonder where some of the various terms we use in the library come from?  More specifically computer related terms?  Since I am part of Team Geek here in library land I thought I’d share some of the more common acronyms, abbreviations & terms we use and try to give you a background as to where they come from.Read More