Blog Post:What Mess? A behind-the-scenes look at Youth and Outreach Services at the Library

“A messy desk is the sign of creative mind.” So the saying goes.

If this is true, then the state of the Youth and Outreach storage area was totally justifiable—or at least we liked to think it was.

I like to think I have one of the best jobs on the planet: I get to play with puppets, sing songs, make crafts, and read really silly books to make kids laugh all while teaching them about noses and toeses! What could be better? Read More

Blog Post: Book Sale Room Brings in Big Bucks for LCLS

BSR2Last year, we raised more than $26,000 from donation sales in the Book Sale Room. That’s by selling don ated materials such as books, DVDs, CDs, record albums, books on CD, and more. Stuff that you don’t want made us money—which, in part, helps fund programs, special supplies, and many other things.Read More

10 Things to do besides check-out books!


1. Research your genealogy 
2. Get a delicious scone, and enjoy it in the Library 
3.Get one-on-one computer help
4.Take your baby to baby-lap-sit 
5.Send your teenager to Pokémon league
6.Bring your grade-schooler to Lego build  
7. Get your document notarized – 2nd floor room 226, to the left of the elevators.
8. Make copies – 1st floor blue room
9. Read several newspapers – 1st floor, Northeast Corner
10.Use articles & databases for your term paper

Embracing Change: Welcome to the New Laramie County Library System Website

January is a month ripe for resolutions of change. To better ourselves, or to experience something different. Sometimes change brings the feeling of something new—either in terms of freshness and relevancy, or experience.

The new Laramie County Library System website is a product of both these changes. We’re choosing to embrace this change, because it means we can bring you the best customer service in an entirely new way.Read More