Winter Fest Fun

Update: This event has ended, but feel free to replicate any of the activities on your own! Keep an eye out for more fun projects from the library in the future. Winter Fest has come to town, so pick up your packet; come on down! There are lots of crafts for lots of fun, and every kid can each have one. When the second week of Winter Fest comes round, brand new crafts and activities are sure to be found. So head to the library for our Winter Fest fun; we know you’ll experience adventure and learning by the time we are done!

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Have A Merry Little Christmas…Book!

The holidays are going to be strange this year, with many of the familiar joys curtailed or canceled. But we can still celebrate with no worries through Christmas stories. Fiction set during the holidays has been popular since Dickens charmed his readers with A Christmas Carol, and this year is no exception.
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County Librarian Carey Hartmann Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Laramie County Library System

Carey Hartmann, County Librarian and Executive Director of Laramie County Library System, recently celebrated her 40th anniversary with the library. In November of 1980, Carey began her career with the library’s Children’s Division. She moved on to work as an Audiovisual Specialist and Division Head in Distribution Services, as Manager of Circulation, and as Assistant County Librarian until being appointed County Librarian in August of 2015.

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The Library Café Reopen as of Monday, November 30

The Library Café will reopen on Monday, November 30 at 9am. The Library Café will return to its previous operating hours of Monday through Friday, 9am to 2pm. In an abundance of caution, Laramie County Library System temporarily closed The Library Café to ensure that all its employees were healthy before reopening.

Welcoming New Board Member Michael Pearlman to the Library

Laramie County Library System recently welcomed Michael Pearlman to its Board of Directors. Michael’s first term on the Board will last from October, 2020 to June 30, 2023. Board members for Laramie County Library System are appointed by the County Commissioners who are required by Wyoming State statutes to provide library services to their constituents. Individuals who are interested in serving on the Laramie County Library Board must fill out an application and turn it into the Commissioner’s office at least two months in advance to an open position. Every time we welcome a new member to our Board of Directors, we like to offer the community an opportunity to get to know a little bit about them and their goals for Laramie County Library System. Michael shared some of his insights about the library and his goals for its future with us.
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Laramie County Library System Honored with the Compassion-In-Action Award from Compassionate Cheyenne Organization

Laramie County Library System was honored with the Compassion-In-Action Award from Compassionate Cheyenne in a small ceremony at the library last week. The award, which seeks to recognize organizations or individuals who are helping foster compassion throughout the community, acknowledged the library’s efforts to welcome and support every single member of the Laramie County community. The award extends to all library facilities including the libraries in Cheyenne, Burns, Pine Bluffs, and the Bookmobile.
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Autumn in the Library’s Rain Garden

Nancy Loomis, the project leader for the Community Wildlife Habitat Project, West Edge District, is returning to our blog for another post in her series about the Laramie County Library Rain Garden Project! Read below to learn about late season blooms and preparation for the winter.
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Gardening for Water Quality?

Jeff Geyer, the Water Specialist with the Laramie County Conservation District is visiting our blog for another post in the series about the “Laramie County Library Water-wise and Pollinator Bio-retention System (Project).” Read his post to learn about how gardens can play a huge role in our water quality!Read More

Taking a Genealogical Journey back to Ireland

It’s been said that everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, but if you really do have Irish ancestry every day of the year you aren’t alone. More than 36 million Americans reported that they had Irish ancestry in the 2008 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s approximately 12% of the total population of the country.

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