Winners of the One World Prairie Guitar Contest

Wow! Thanks so much to all the contestants of the One World Prairie Guitar Contest. Thank you as well to our fine judges and the Cheyenne Guitar Society, especially Steve Gilmore for all your hard work. We really enjoyed this. Here’s a look at (most) of our winners! Congratulations everyone!

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Best Job @ the Library

Look, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t they just post about someone else having the best job in the library? Yes. That person is Robin Papaleka, and while she does have a pretty cool job, it’s far from “the coolest.”

My name is Bobby Phillipps, and as the Audiovisual Coordinator, I have the coolest job in the library!

I am a movie and music nerd. I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, I sing, and I have worked on a few independent films in various capacities. I’ve contributed music, I’ve helped with editing, and I’ve even acted here and there. I just love movies and music so much! Heck, my wife and I got married at the Stanley Hotel, because we love “The Shining” (the Kubrick version) so much! So when the Audiovisual Coordinator position became available, I felt like I was made for that job.Read More

Secrets of the Stacks

Each year there are thousands of books published, dozens of movies released, and hundreds of music CD’s and audiobooks produced. You may have wondered how the LCLS staff makes decisions on which ones to acquire.

For bestselling books, the process is automated. Our main vendor has a list of popular authors and the staff member who select materials chooses authors from these lists. Then, every time the author has a new book out, our vendor automatically sends us one or more copies of the title.Read More

Best Job @ the Library

As the Adult Programming Specialist at the Laramie County Library, I often tell folks I have the best job at the library!

I get to attend all kinds of fascinating and amazing programs.  I get to listen to classical music.  I get to look at the stars through a powerful telescope.  I get to make art with local artists. I get to learn how to play chess and make Mozzarella and try homemade beer. Maybe best of all, I learn all kinds of new information.  So I thought today I’d share some of what I’ve learned at library programs with you. Read More

Discover Space – Final Statistics

As part of the process for the big exhibits we get here at the library, such as Discover Space: A Cosmic Journey we have to compile a huge 37 page long final report, as well as a summary! We thought you might be interested in reading some of the final statistics, and hope that it will give you a better idea of what goes into getting one of these exhibits here at your library. The report and this summary were written by Jennifer Rife, project director and design & humanities coordinator for Laramie County Library.Read More

LCLS launches the First Steps: Early Literacy Begins at Home program

The Laramie County Library System is excited to launch the First Steps: Early Literacy Begins at Home program to increase opportunities for the most at-risk children in our community.

Our goal is to make early literacy a high priority throughout the County. 

So we can reach at-risk children who are not touched by Library or other early literacy programs, we’re partnering with other organizations that are already out in the community to reach kids in their homes. We’re also reaching kids and families at familiar places like grocery stores, doctors’ offices, playgrounds, and laundromats. And, we’re bringing more at-risk children in to the Library to benefit from our existing early childhood resources.Read More

Spend more time outdoors!

Take some knowledge from the library along with you. Laramie County Library has partnered with the Wyoming State parks and you can check out a backpack loaded with guides, tools and a pass for day-use entry into any Wyoming State Park or State Historic Site. The backpack is available to check out soon!  The gear is to inspire youth and families to get outdoors and experience Wyoming’s state parks, historic sites and trails.  Check out a backpack at the library, learn while you go and have some fun.Read More

Upcoming Movies Adapted From Books

Hollywood continues to mine the bookshelves in their quest for new and creative storylines. Over a dozen upcoming releases are adaptations of books. These “literature-inspired” films range from thrillers envisioning dark, future worlds to historical tales, emotionally intense coming-of-age stories, wild comedies and intense literary novels.Read More

My Journey Down the DNA Rabbit Hole

The field of consumer DNA research is exploding, with more and more companies popping up all the time, offering different tests and services.  Since I first read about it, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of DNA analysis. As a result, I have spent several hundred dollars pursuing information about my genetic makeup. I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned.

Over ten years ago, after reading several books and articles on ancestral DNA testing, I had my husband’s Y-chromosome DNA tested. This traces the males in your line (but only the males) back through the generations. I also had our mitochondrial DNA analyzed. Mitochondrial DNA comes from your mother, so this test traces your genetic heritage back through the females (and only the females) in your ancestry.Read More

Pale Blue Dot

Come along on a journey with me.  We start by sitting in a rocket preparing for liftoff.   We can experience this vicariously through the astronauts who have gone before us. Once you arrive in space, gravity allows you to float unencumbered through the ship.   Earth gazing is a pastime during a space flight that astronauts all savor.   What experiences do humans feel in space and what could we learn from the astronauts?Read More