Larry Kiser’s Retirement from Laramie County Library System

On February 5, Larry Kiser retired as a maintenance assistant at Laramie County Library System after over 24 years of dedicated service. Larry began working at the library in November of 1996 and was a key factor in the maintenance and upkeep of the library’s facilities. Larry was instrumental in the care of the Central Avenue location where he began his library career and contributed immensely during the labor-intensive move to the library’s new building on Pioneer Avenue.

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Pop Into Valentine’s Day

Update: We are out of activity packs. But feel free to gather your own materials and use the instructions and print outs in this blog to create your own card at home!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and to help you celebrate, Laramie County Library is providing a fun take-home craft! Stop by the second floor Ask Here desk or request an activity pack using our curbside pick-up service to participate in a fun pop up Valentine’s Day card activity!

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The Common Thread: Georgia Rowswell’s Textile Stories

Georgia Rowswell’s art exhibit, Textile Stories, is carefully arranged throughout all three floors of the Laramie County Library. At first glance, the pieces seem as varied as the many colors they are comprised of; there are articles of thrift store clothing hanging on each floor, small life rings displayed in glass cases, a large life ring exhibited on a wall, and a deconstructed quilt draped over the library’s gallery. The variation makes sense, seeing as Textile Stories is a compilation of four separate art projects, Crazy, Who Made My Clothes?, Leap 366, and Thrift Store Life Rings. But while the pieces and projects may appear different in format and appearance, they all have a common thread pulling them together: stories.

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Sticker Polls

Laramie County Library System has been utilizing stickers to assist visitors and our security team in maintaining the three hour per day time limit, and we decided there was no better way to dispose of a sticker than by using it to participate in a sticker poll. Each weekday, we post a new poll question for visitors to answer. We will post the poll results here! There have been some landslide victories and some very close calls. Check out all of the results and see if you agree with the winners!

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Going to the Dogs (and Cats)

For many of us, animals are an important part of our lives and their unique personalities enrich our existences. So, it seems only natural for them to play important roles in the books we enjoy. Our powerful connection with animals has been mirrored in children’s books for generations. Millions have enjoyed classics like Old Yeller, The Call of the Wild, Black Beauty and 101 Dalmatians. But the passion for pets isn’t limited to children’s books.

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Virtual New Year’s at Noon

It’s time for our annual New Year’s at Noon! This year we will be counting down to noon at home with fun crafts and projects, and even though our activity packs have all been claimed, you can still find your own materials and follow along with the games and activities highlighted in the tutorials below!

Be sure to join in the countdown from home with our virtual balloon drop and ring in the New Year (virtually) with Laramie County Library! 

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The Best Books Library Staff Read in 2020

We here at the library know a thing or two about books, and we often like to take them for a test drive before making recommendations to our patrons, friends, or family. We decided to compile a list of the best books we read throughout this unprecedented year. Some of us found solace in classic favorites that have withstood the test of time, while others dove into the latest and greatest new novels of 2020. We escaped into the following stories and hope that you, too, enjoy exploring the wonderful worlds of these fantastic reads.

Every book is available for check out at your Laramie County Library System so you can easily add these titles to your 2020 reading list or wait and turn new pages in the New Year.
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Sue Hollingshead Retiring as IT Manager for Laramie County Library System

 Sue Hollingshead is retiring as Laramie County Library System’s Information Technology Division Manager after a 24 year long career with the library. Sue began working at the organization in 1996 as a Network Specialist, moving on to become a Network Administrator before being promoted as the library’s first IT Division Manager.

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Winter Fest Fun

Update: This event has ended, but feel free to replicate any of the activities on your own! Keep an eye out for more fun projects from the library in the future. Winter Fest has come to town, so pick up your packet; come on down! There are lots of crafts for lots of fun, and every kid can each have one. When the second week of Winter Fest comes round, brand new crafts and activities are sure to be found. So head to the library for our Winter Fest fun; we know you’ll experience adventure and learning by the time we are done!

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