Election 2020

This year’s Summer Reading theme is “Imagine Your Story.” Now, I know what you’re thinking, you clicked on this blog post to read about elections, not Summer Reading, but bear with me for a moment.

We here at Laramie County Library System have been encouraging readers to imagine their stories all summer long by diving into books, novels, graphic novels, audiobooks, poetry, and more, challenging each and every person to envision themselves in faraway places, distant lands, and magical adventures.Read More

Imagination: Inspiration and the Artist Book

Featured image: “Common Humanity: Grief of the World” by Katie Christensen

Introduction from exhibit curator, Camellia El-Antably:

Imagine your story…it is a theme as broad as the ocean, and yet, somehow, in this time of pandemic, so necessary to survival. Shut in our homes, many of us have begun to imagine new realities for ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet both frightening and exciting.Read More

World Oceans Day

A great holiday is upon us. It’s not Face Mask Appreciation Day, and it’s not about baking bread at home from scratch. June 8th is World Oceans Day. The oceans are our earliest cradle, our largest playground, and our last undiscovered country. They are so much more than just a great place to catch some lazy rays, although let’s face it, we love that too.Read More

Laramie County Library Detention Pond

As a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building, Laramie County Library is dedicated to continually pursuing advancements that make us better stewards of the community and the environment. One of those pursuits is the transformation of the library’s detention pond.Read More

Learning Computers at Your Library

When you go to the second floor of Laramie County Library, pass the Ask Here Desk and head towards our youth computers, three rows of computers in particular are sure to catch your eye! They sit towards the windows, and their brightly colored keyboards add to the already vibrant and cheerful décor of the library’s youth collection. These colorful machines are the library’s learning computers, and they are responsible for much more than added decoration.Read More

Travel Log: New York

Planning a trip can be daunting. You need to price tickets, build your itinerary, decide on your mode of transportation, choose which airline to take, pick a hotel, select restaurants; the list goes on and on! I recently returned from a trip to New York during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and wanted to give some (hopefully) helpful tips on planning the trip and the resources that we here at Laramie County Library can provide.Read More

The Past is Having a Moment

Historical novels have been popular for many years, but for the most part, they only sporadically appear on the bestseller lists. That changed this year when three or four novels set in the past made the lists for several weeks. Also interesting is that most of these novels were written by authors not known for writing historical fiction, although their names are familiar to readers of literary fiction, mystery and women’s fiction.

Read More