Learning Computers at Your Library

When you go to the second floor of Laramie County Library, pass the Ask Here Desk and head towards our youth computers, three rows of computers in particular are sure to catch your eye! They sit towards the windows, and their brightly colored keyboards add to the already vibrant and cheerful décor of the library’s youth collection. These colorful machines are the library’s learning computers, and they are responsible for much more than added decoration.Read More

Travel Log: New York

Planning a trip can be daunting. You need to price tickets, build your itinerary, decide on your mode of transportation, choose which airline to take, pick a hotel, select restaurants; the list goes on and on! I recently returned from a trip to New York during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and wanted to give some (hopefully) helpful tips on planning the trip and the resources that we here at Laramie County Library can provide.Read More

The Past is Having a Moment

Historical novels have been popular for many years, but for the most part, they only sporadically appear on the bestseller lists. That changed this year when three or four novels set in the past made the lists for several weeks. Also interesting is that most of these novels were written by authors not known for writing historical fiction, although their names are familiar to readers of literary fiction, mystery and women’s fiction.

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Books for Bucks: The Lowdown on the Booksale Room

Laramie County Library has 214 active volunteers, and they are Ah-Maz-Ing! As the Volunteer Coordinator, I am continually awed by the volunteers of all ages who give so freely of their most precious commodity; time. Library volunteers racked up over 12,000 hours for us in 2018. When we say we cannot do what we do without volunteers, it is absolutely true. Read More

Catching Up with Laramie County Library System’s Newest Board Members

Over the summer, Laramie County Library System welcomed three new members to its Board of Directors. Elizabeth Dillow and Rob Dickerson will serve on the board from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022, while Will Dinneen will serve on the board until June 30, 2020. Board members for Laramie County Library System are appointed by the County Commissioners who are required by Wyoming State statutes to provide library services to their constituents.Read More

Laramie County Library System Joins in Campaign Against E-book Embargo

On July 25, Macmillan Publishers announced that it would limit e-book lending for U.S. libraries. Its new licensing model, scheduled to take effect on November 1, 2019, would only allow a library to purchase one copy of a newly released title in e-book format before implementing an eight-week embargo on the sale of any additional copies to that library.

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R.I.P Apostrophe

Don’t talk about religion or politics at Thanksgiving dinner. This advice is frequently shared in order to preserve family harmony. For some families, grammar and punctuation should be added to the verboten list.

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Winners of the One World Prairie Guitar Contest

Thanks so much to all our judges, the guitar society and everyone who came out and competed in the One World Prairie Guitar Contest. Thank you, too, to those of you who came and supported these great musicians. A special thank you to Steve Gilmore who brought in all his own sound equipment and ran sound from 10am to 9pm. Everyone involved made the day a great success. We will be holding the third annual contest next year, so watch for information starting around June!

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C.J. Box: A Wyoming Original

For each of his book signings, C.J. Box quietly parks outside a main entrance and walks in with an unassuming manner. He strolls down the hallway, clad in a suit jacket, a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and a cowboy hat, jovially greeting the last minute stragglers who are still trying to find a seat in the jam-packed room. He doesn’t bring a publicist, or an assistant; he brings family members and friends instead. He always waits patiently by the entrance to the Cottonwood Room, smiling at people who walk by and waving to those he knows in the crowd.Read More

Libraries and the Changing Times

This past weekend I was visiting with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. The usual topics of conversation came up and I was asked a question I so often get when I tell people I work at the library; Are libraries dying?Read More