Hogwarts House Cup Beanstack Challenge Winners 2022

And the House Cup goes to . . . Slytherin!


The winner of the 2022 Hogwarts House Cup Challenge was the house where dwell the ambitious, cunning, and resourceful; as a group, they read the most minutes per participant to secure this year’s House Cup trophy. Slytherin came in first with 1481 points, Hufflepuff second with 1353 points, Ravenclaw third with 1168 points, and Gryffindor fourth with 979 points. Across all four house, participants read over 400,000 minutes!

Slytherin’s banner will be displayed alongside the Hogwarts House Cup on the 2nd floor of the library until next year’s challenge.

Sixteen drawing prize winners (four from each house) were randomly selected from the list of House Cups participants. Review prize pick up details and the winners’ first names and last initials below. 
Drawing Prize Winners
  • The library is in the process of individually notifying each winner.
  • Winners may pick up their prizes at the 2nd floor Ask Here desk.
  • If you have any questions, please call 307-634-3561.
Winner’s NamePrize
Heaven A. Hufflepuff–Mini Laser Engraved Music Box with the Music of Hedwig Theme
Travis B. Slytherin–Celestial Hogwarts House Morphing Mug
Esme B. Gryffindor–Harry Potter Moonrise Blanket
Mariah B. Ravenclaw–World of Wonders Wizard School White Owl Decorative Box with Lid
Lewis C. Slytherin–Advanced Potion Making: Blank Notebook and Nobel Collection House Pen
Kai C. Hufflepuff–Hardcover Journal and Pen Set
Natasha C. Ravenclaw–Bookmark and Keychain
Kendra C. Ravenclaw–Throw Blanket with Sleeves
Frances F. Ravenclaw–Marauder’s Map Travel Mug
Jr H. Hufflepuff–Wash Fleece Blanket
Stacie H. Gryffindor–Paladone Golden Snitch Lumi Clip Reading Light
Gemma K. Gryffindor–Hogwarts Magic School Badge Wax Sealing Stamp Set
Jeremiah L. Hufflepuff–Harry Potter Hanging 9 3/4 Night Light
Jude N. Gryffindor–Stainless Steel Bottle
Catherine P. Slytherin–Latte Coffee Mugs Always/After All This Time
Heather R. Slytherin–Micro Fleece Throw Blanket