Blog Post: Young Volunteers and Boy Scouts Make Our Library A Better Place To Be

You might be surprised by the number of volunteers who help our library.  There are many tasks associated with keeping a library this size clean, orderly and functioning well.  Normally our volunteers are 12 years old and up (and up and up and up!).

IMG_1985Recently, I came to work at 9 a.m. and found 6 little boys working with Larry, one of our facilities guys. They were Tiger Scouts, all 7 years old, and were at the library to volunteer along with their Cub Scout leaders.Read More

Blog Post: Ten Reasons to Use Laramie County Library’s Computer Center

CCLocated on the third floor of the Laramie County Library, our computer center is—well—awesome. Our staff members are always on hand to monitor usage and assist with minor concerns. Because we’re often front and center, we see a variety of different things happening on the computers that often makes our space tucked away on the upper floor seem like a community hub.Read More

Blog Post: Makerspaces and workshops

Walking through the library is often a visual treat. In display cases, on many walls, and available surfaces, you might find an intriguing piece made of clay, handcrafted paper, turned wood, or a quilt with a complicated pattern. Perhaps you’ve wondered how something was made and what techniques were used and have thought you’d like to learn how to do that.Read More

Blog Post: Tales from the Bookmobile

new bookmobileAs the Senior Outreach Specialist, the bookmobile is one of my responsibilities.  Laramie County Library has had a bookmobile in service for well over 40+ years.  Our current vehicle is a 9 ½ year old 32’ bus, is easy to spot on the road!  Read More

Blog Post: Coming to the Big Screen

BFGPopular books have always been adapted into movies and TV shows but lately it’s become even more of a trend.  This year several beloved childhood classics will come to the big screen:Read More

Blog Post: Silence is Golden in the Capital Room

DSCF0609Looking for a quiet, peaceful, warm place to relax or to enjoy a spectacular view of our Capitol building? How about a room with no talking or cell phone use or no loud tapping on computers;  just folks enjoying the books or newspapers, the sculptures, the fireplace and the view? You’ll find these and much more in the northeast corner of the 3rd floor of the Laramie County Library, the Capital Room. This area was funded by Eric J. Wedell, M.D. and Maïda Wedell.Read More