Blog Post: Writing a business plan with L2B assistance

I don’t know about you, but when I was in college, and even now when I have a paper or proposal to write, I get STUCK.  It may only take me a couple hours to actually write and revise it, but it can take me weeks to just get started.  Admittedly, this may have a teeny-tiny bit to do with my procrastination habit, but it never fails that when I have a document to produce I try to eat the elephant whole.Read More

Blog Post: Español en su Biblioteca

Abby_Blog1 Small2¡Bienvenidos al blog de la biblioteca!

Me presento. Soy Abby, y trabajo en el segundo piso de la biblioteca. Antes de venir aquí a Cheyenne, trabajaba dos años con el Cuerpo de Paz en Colombia. Debo decirles que el español no es mi lengua materna, entonces, si hay errores, discúlpame.Read More

Blog Post: Exceptional Customer Service: Marketing from the Heart at LCLS

For many years, we’ve used three documents to help form our corporate culture.  Marketing from the Heart, a list of expectations in terms of how we all interact and work, and an Organizational Philosophy, all serve as a reminder of how we provide exceptional customer service.  The core of these documents are generosity, curiosity and connection.

We don’t want there to be any lonely pieces of information dangling with nowhere to go or a story waiting to be told sitting idle on a shelf.  We want to know you and your needs so that we can bring you both together.Read More

Blog Post: Knights and Spaceships and Nanoviruses, Oh, My!

Learning what genre you enjoy is a great way to find new authors. Here’s a bit about speculative fiction sub-genres and some popular new titles—Mary Gillgannon, Adult Fiction Selector of Laramie County Library.

 The Game of Thrones TV series, the Hunger Game books and movies, the new Star Wars movie—all of these popular entertainment vehicles fit into the genre of speculative fiction. Although there is an element of “what if…” in all fiction, speculative fiction stories take the concept to new levels, immersing us in worlds and realities that are often extremely different from our own.Read More

Blog Post: Advice from the Computer Center: Create Memorable Passwords

Our world revolves around technology. More and more businesses and services are requiring us to use computers, smartphones and tablets to access our accounts and information. So not only do you need a password to log into your device, you’ll need one that’s unique for each account (and sometimes one that features seven letters, one number, a character, your checking account number, a valid photo I.D., and the promise of your first-born child…. I’m just kidding, but haven’t you felt that way?) I thought that it could be helpful to talk about creating memorable secure passwords.Read More

Blog Post:What Mess? A behind-the-scenes look at Youth and Outreach Services at the Library

“A messy desk is the sign of creative mind.” So the saying goes.

If this is true, then the state of the Youth and Outreach storage area was totally justifiable—or at least we liked to think it was.

I like to think I have one of the best jobs on the planet: I get to play with puppets, sing songs, make crafts, and read really silly books to make kids laugh all while teaching them about noses and toeses! What could be better? Read More