18th Annual RSVP ArtFest On Exhibit

2016-11-rsvp3rdfloorRSVP ArtFest Show & Sale

November 21 – December 18   |   Library Hours
Enjoy art and photography created by talented locals. Like a piece so much you’d like to have it in your home? Purchase one (or more) for yourself or someone as a gift. Contact RSVP at 307-635-2435 for prices. (All Ages; All Floors)
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Read This Before You Shop Online

Cheyenne is the largest city I’ve ever lived in. I grew up in a town with a population of less than 6,000. Shopping has never been easy. I’ve traveled 3+ hours to shop multiple times in my life. It’s nice to live in a larger city with more options than I’ve ever had.Read More

Cyber Security Tips from an IT Guy

ninja-1507457_640Did you know that October is Cyber Security Awareness month? Yeah, well, so, neither did I.  But it is!!  Even though October is over, we can still learn a great deal about Cyber Security. Let’s dive in…Read More

Dog Training Advice from a Dog Lover

dog1It’s hard to resist a cute, furry creature, isn’t it!? This is my dog, Bella. She looks well behaved in this photo, but she isn’t always so! A still photo usually can’t capture the essence of her enthusiasm and orneriness. Before Bella, my family had a very smart Border Collie, Laddie, and before him, a big friendly black Labrador Retriever, Louie.Read More

What is an ILL anyway?

16055720According to scottberkun.com there are 300,000+ books published in the U.S. every year. That, compounded by the fact that most Americans only read 1 to 5 books a year, adds up to many, many books going unread. With statistics like this does it come as a surprise that a library cannot possibly purchase and circulate all books that are published? Nevertheless we tend to get the flabbergasted question of: WHAT??  What do you mean the library doesn’t have “Talon and the Dragons of Crinnelia” by Diana Metz?!Read More

New Give/Take Exhibit Explores Human Emotion

On exhibit: October 5 – November 8. Library Hours

What happens when 11 women artists get together to nourish each other? Give/Take happens, and a traveling art exhibit is born!

Each artist explores how we need, receive, and provide nourishment on many levels, including physical, mental, and spiritual. The artists believe that their concept is relevant today, especially in light of what they feel are the “overwhelming amount of choices and information available.”Read More

Halloween Central at Laramie County Library

sharonLooking for a costume for yourself or your little one?  Need to make 50 scary treats for a 5th grade class?  Just looking for a scary read or a scary movie?  Wait! I saw a monster around the corner – who was that?

Come down to the library and check out our books and DVDs – all about Halloween.  Find many of these books lurking on our book displays.Read More

How your library can help with your science fair project

science-fair-648905_640Who Cares What Scientists Are Doing?

I care about what scientists are doing. A number of other people do, too. I get just a little shiver down my spine when I hear it is Science Fair season. Weird, but true! I love science! I love to see all the interesting and useful new research that is going on in the science community. Our library has some amazing books and videos of just that subject. In looking for juicy topics I promise you will be rewarded for your effort. There will also be an event on November 10th you should check out: http://lclsonline.org/events/get-ready-for-the-science-fair-2/Read More

Death and the Bestselling Author

For most of us, dying means the end of our careers. But for authors, at least bestselling authors, death doesn’t necessarily mean the end of publishing books. Robert Ludlum (the Jason Bourne series) died in 2001, but since then twelve books have been released bearing his name. Mystery author Robert Parker (known for his Spenser series) died in 2010. Since then eleven books have been published under his name. Obviously, other authors are writing these books, using the characters, fictional world and style of the deceased author. Five different authors have written Ludlum books, while three authors have taken over Parker’s three different series.Read More