Still Thirsty: A Nonfiction Reading List for Adults

Last week we posted a fiction reading list (not exhaustive, but fairly long!) of books that used water as part of the storyline. We’re back with some nonfiction options that are still worthy reads—and ones that complement our newest exhibition, Water/Ways. Thanks in large part to Wyoming Humanities and The Smithsonian Institute, this exhibit features all things WATER (as if you couldn’t get that from the title. I know.).Read More

Resolution: Learn a New Language

According to a very unscientific Google search, bilingual people are….”smart, creative, and better lovers”, “brain ‘bodybuilders,’” and simply “smarter” than their monolingual counterparts.

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More Fiction Gift Suggestions

If you’re still on the hunt for great reading suggestions, below are some additional titles that may please the folks left on your holiday list!

(If you haven’t read the first blog in this fiction gift suggestion series, click here to read it as well as additional purchase suggestions!)Read More

Fiction Lover Gift Suggestions

5Books make great gifts. But choosing the right books for your fiction lover can be tricky. Reading tastes are very individual, and a book that one person loves may leave another reader completely cold. Even if you know someone’s reading tastes, there’s always the risk of giving them a book they’ve already read. So the trick can be to find books in a genre they enjoy, by authors that aren’t so well known but who are gaining a reputation for good books.Read More

18th Annual RSVP ArtFest On Exhibit

2016-11-rsvp3rdfloorRSVP ArtFest Show & Sale

November 21 – December 18   |   Library Hours
Enjoy art and photography created by talented locals. Like a piece so much you’d like to have it in your home? Purchase one (or more) for yourself or someone as a gift. Contact RSVP at 307-635-2435 for prices. (All Ages; All Floors)
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Read This Before You Shop Online

Cheyenne is the largest city I’ve ever lived in. I grew up in a town with a population of less than 6,000. Shopping has never been easy. I’ve traveled 3+ hours to shop multiple times in my life. It’s nice to live in a larger city with more options than I’ve ever had.Read More